Call of Duty: WWII Looks like the Best from the Series in a Long Time

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Call of Duty: WWII has just been fully revealed and after many years of disappointing games this one seems to be bringing the series back to its strong roots."

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PhoenixUp2110d ago

Why? Because of the setting alone? I'll have to still see more before I get excited for the series regressing

Nitrowolf22110d ago


The setting is appealing to me, HOWEVER
People keep saying its a return to its roots, but all it is is a return to WWII

Saying its returning to its roots suggests a lot of things like No Killstreak, Perks, ect.

All I want personally is a pretty basic Cod game with no silly stuff like that

UCForce2110d ago

For very long time, COD WW2 won't feature auto health regeneration. I remember the original COD didn't have health regeneration.

nX2110d ago

Nothing that actually has been confirmed yet tells you anything about the quality of the game, whoever wrote this article is a fanboy that probably said the same about every year's CoD. I appreciate the change of setting but I can already see people complaining about slow gameplay or boring weapons.

FallenAngel19842110d ago

No health regeneration? How will people manage?

UCForce2109d ago

Well, you need squad to help you.

Newmanator2109d ago

No squads in COD just lone wolves!

Phoenix762109d ago

"Looks" and "is" are two very different things.

2109d ago
KillZallthebeast2109d ago

Not hard to outdo yourself when the last great title was made like 10 years ago

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