Should Bayonetta 3 be Sony, Xbox or Nintendo Exclusive?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Bayonetta is a well-beloved franchise that has truly found its own audience. People want more of Bayonetta and it seems as though Platinum Games is listening to the demand. With the original Bayonetta hitting the PC just last week as well as an April Fools tease of a potential new game, fans are hoping that some news on a future installment is coming soon."

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-Foxtrot2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Everyone, even on PC aswell Day 1

I can't believe at the time when Konami wasn't as bad and how well Metal Gear Rising done thanks to Platinum Games they never offered to publish Bayonetta 2 for them. I just want to see Bayonetta push better tech to be honest and see what they can really do.

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Gaming_Cousin2104d ago

I'd rather they focus on one platform to deliver the best game as possible. Could you imagine how Uncharted 4 would look if they spread it out on all platforms?

Raf1k12104d ago

That's just visuals though. Focusing on one platform does nothing for every other aspect of the game.
I doubt you'd want this to end up being PC exclusive just because that's where it would look the best.

Gaming_Cousin2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

It is far more than visuals. If you knew anything about making games you would know its more than copy and paste. Don't you remember Batman for PC after it came out on PC later and how of a buggy mess it was? Switch is also underpowered so certain physics and ideas are not possible on the switch.

If you have a team of 100 people working on 1 platform and 100 spread out on all platforms you can definetely be certain the 1 platform will be a better game.

1908-PB2104d ago

Gaming cousin yeah I can imagine how much better it would look and perform on a system that makes the PS4 looks like a toy for children.

BishopPeace2104d ago

It would look the same? Maybe better on pc.

Perjoss2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

"I'd rather they focus on one platform to deliver the best game as possible. Could you imagine how Uncharted 4 would look if they spread it out on all platforms?"

You're absolutely right, if Uncharted 4 had been a PC exclusive it could have had higher res textures, better draw distances, more advanced lighting as well as being able to run at true 4k and not have a 30fps limitation.

Maxor2104d ago

Uncharted 4 would be better with multiplat obviously. It would be even better if it have multiplat with cross platform play.

343_Guilty_Spark2104d ago

I you betting that ND would not deliver an excellent game across all platforms? Because I think you'd lose that bet.

XXanderXX2104d ago

Like everyother 3rd party game would look like . Am going to guess.

DarXyde2104d ago

Platinum prefers to capitalize on frame rate, especially for action games like Bayonetta. Doesn't matter how it looks if your input is off for a game like this.

At this point, I'd say I'd rather it be available on everything but if it MUST be exclusive, I wouldn't mind having it be Nintendo exclusive since they're technically the ones that picked it up and helped us get a sequel. Besides, it's just one more game that helps dispel the narrative that Nintendo platforms only have children's games.

Of course, the only people who believe that probably never tried to 100% those Nintendo games. Mario 3D World's Champion Road, for example, came dangerously close to giving me a stroke.

mikeslemonade2104d ago

The answer to the question should be Microsoft. Since PC is not the option then the Scorpio offers the most hardware power. I wanna play Bayonetta 3 in 4k. But you commoners on here will say PS Poor or Switch exclusive. You guys like to limit yourself.

mikeslemonade2104d ago

If it's on all platforms we lose. Cause the Switch will cause major parity.

starchild2104d ago


There are many multiplats that look and play better than many exclusives, so obviously it has more to do with talent than any other factor. A good studio can make a game simultaneously on multiple platforms and have it turn out to be fantastic. In fact, my favorite game of the generation so far is The Witcher 3, which is a multiplatform game.

I have no doubt that with as talented as Naughty Dog is they would have no trouble creating an excellent multiplatform game with amazing graphics. Not that Naughty Dog is going to start making multiplatform games. I'm just illustrating the point that it's more about the talent and priorities of the developer than it is about being exclusive vs multiplatform. I can virtually guarantee you that Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, will be one of the very best looking open world games ever, despite being multiplatform.

indyman77772104d ago

He said ASK NINTENDO.... If Nintendo doesn’t say yes, it’s not going to happen… While you’re at it, try asking for Mario and Zelda too…” In short, if it wasn’t for Nintendo’s involvement and help in funding the project, we wouldn’t even be talking about a potential Bayonetta 3, let alone the prospects of even having Bayonetta 2 released.

Looks like Nintendo was the only people that would fund the second game. I wonder why Microsoft didn't when they was wanting to increase the amount of exclusive content? At either rate, It will not happen any more than Sony or Microsoft letting a exclusive go after they funded it.

This is why you should have all platforms people. If the best game ever is Horizon and you have PS4 pro your set! If the best game ever is Zelda breath of the wild and you have a SWITCh your set. If the best game ever is Forza Horizon and you have a Xbox one your set.

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Godmars2902104d ago

*if* Platinum can put it on everything on a competent level, as well as afford it.

No matter how many people may want such, they keep forgetting that doing multiplatform adds additional costs.

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mikeslemonade2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Multiplatform causes way more than just costs. Requires lots of time and assets.

Casuals only see the Pros of Multiplatform, they don't see the cons. I think cons outweigh the pro especially for the consumer..

Godmars2902104d ago


Agreed up until suggesting making titles easily accessible to consumers, as in put on as many formats as possible, is a bad thing.

It can be, but only when done poorly as in the case with the Batman title that WB eventually gave up on trying to fix.

mikeslemonade2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

^Okay but would you rather have a better games and your only sacrifice is to buy all the consoles. You spend an extra $700 per generation. I'm willing, it's not even a question for me. I have all systems anyway. Just cause it's accessible to everybody does me no favors, to someone who has all the systems and the systems lack differentiation.

Godmars2902104d ago

The point is that not everyone wants can afford much less have the time for all systems.

PC is the most versatile, to the point it can play games from all but the most recent consoles, but to get the most out of it tons of technical and finical upkeep are involved.

Playstation has the next best record for openness regarding support while not being a generic/umbrella brand unlike PCs but the same thing has limited it.

Nintendo is an industry legend and most recognized, but that same mostly family oriented rep makes them not only above any console war, but at least a gen if not two behind.

Xbox is a statement about MS not adjusting to a smaller market, compared to non-gaming PCs, as it grew. They've come to focus on online related gaming for subscription fees but that's not going to get the market as a whole.

Though each brings different things to the table, unlike yourself, not everyone is going to order four, not including mobile, separate multiple course meals especially especially when several of the offered dishes overlap.

mikeslemonade2103d ago

Okay but those who don't buy probably don't care enough to do so. So if you wanna be casual you still play a good amount of quality games exclusive to one system. If you want all the good games you just buy all them. Gaming is relatively cheap compared to many things.

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endi1232103d ago

I say neither, it's best for them to make their own console for Bayonetta 3

XanderZane2103d ago

Bayonetta 3 should be on every platform. Platinum Games would easily sell over 4 million copies if it hit all the platforms. Especially if SEGA is publishing it. They would make some serious money.

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O-D-C2105d ago

I hope it comes to Switch (other systems too) but it would be nice for Nintendo to get in on it since they basically made Bayonetta relevant again.

thejigisup2104d ago

Bayonetta was never not relevant and nintendo didnt make it more so. Bayonetta was a great gane and many fans missed out on the game due to exclusivity. Id appreciate it if this game continued forward as multiplatform, as i am sure many others would too.

meka26112104d ago

Exactly. Nintendo just grabbed it up to make system sales. I worked for gamestop around the time bayoneeta 2 came out; and a lot of fans were pissed. None of them wanted to get a wii u, they were either xbox or ps4.

Pookandpie2104d ago

Those great many fans were going to miss out on the game regardless of if it launched on the Wii U or not; Sega was not interested in funding the development of a sequel, but Nintendo was. Nintendo published the game because apparently Sega didn't want to, so fans of the Xbox/PS Bayonetta still wouldn't be able to play it as it wouldn't have even existed. Also, since Nintendo was the one who fronted the publishing cash, I wouldn't exactly hold my breath waiting for it to come multiplatform.

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lizard812882104d ago

She is in Smash Bros now, which should spike her up in popularity as well as the series.

Fire Emblem was u known in the west, but after smash Bros, it's one of Nintendo's top franchises.

light692104d ago

Lol salty, if it was relevant then why did beyonetta 1 have low sales on the PS3 x360? You people that complain about exclusivity are dumb idiots, propbalby not even fans and are just mad that the games that no one wanted to back was exclusive to a console you didn't like. You people complain that Nintendo had no exclusives that Nintendo doesn't have mature games or worth while games. For this reason alone I hope beyonetta is exclusive to switch again that way you can keep bitch, it will only show how far your trolls want to deny shit.

Uken122103d ago


So true and hilarious. Thumbs up my friend with logic.

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pcz2103d ago

It would be best on switch.

Sony and Microsoft don't really need another action game of this type. Nintendo desperately do

PhoenixUp2105d ago

It shouldn't be exclusive at all. It should be multiplat so it has a greater chance at commercial success so Sega gives it more attention

gangsta_red2104d ago

But the first one wasn't a success and that was on both PS3 and 360.

roadkillers2104d ago

Only one conclusion PC exclusive!!!... Down vote me Baby!

admiralvic2104d ago

Yes, but it also played poorly on the PlayStation 3, which was a serious problem. Had the PlayStation 3 version released on par with the patched version, I think it would've done much better.

Godmars2902104d ago

More to do with system performance. Ran bad on the 360, worse on the PS3.

PhoenixUp2104d ago

@ gangsta

Bayonetta 1 was successful since it sold 2+ million. It just wasn't as much of a success for Sega to feel prompted to fund a sequel on its own.

@ admir

Bayonetta 1 sold better on PS3 and even on Xbox 360 than Bayonetta 2 sold on Wii U

2104d ago
FallenAngel19842104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

@ Still

Yet something like Rayman Legends didn't have an issue selling more on Wii U than on PS3 & 360 despite the size gap in install base

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maybelovehate2105d ago

I just want it on PC, but I don't care who else gets it.

starchild2104d ago

That's how I am too. As long as I get to play it I'm happy. I'm all for other people getting to play good games regardless of platform.

tyasia02104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

My guess is PS4, Switch and Steam.

After Microsoft snubbed Bayonetta's creator Hideki Kamiya and Platinum on Scalebound I don't see why they would want to work with Microsoft again. And I doubt Microsoft will be interested in it anyways. They only seem to want multiplayer games that will force people to buy Live subscriptions.

AngelicIceDiamond2104d ago

If its multiplatform they'll working on all platforms. They don't look at one platform and say oh well it didn't work out with this company on said platform so lets just skip it. You know that right? Not a smart comment as usual from you.

tyasia02104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

How about Neir: Automata which was PC and PS4 but not Xbox...

Face it tons of Japanese games are on Steam and PS4 but not Xbox.

Razzer2104d ago

Xbox inclusion on Japanese games is hardly a given. Just look the games Xbox didn't get this year.

kevnb2104d ago

only certain types of games sell on xbox.

AngelicIceDiamond2104d ago

What about the original Bayonetta? It was a multiplat and it did well on 360. I'm talking about Bayonetta only I'm fully aware other AAA Japanese games don't hit Xbox.

Chevalier2104d ago

Want to explain why Yakuza, Yakuza Kiwami, Persona 5 and Hatsune Miku which are all Sega/Atlus games didn't release on Xbox One then? So as usual Angelic, you're clueless.

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Dragonscale2103d ago

Pointless it being on xbone, it won't sell.