Call of Duty: WWII's Campaign Direction Sounds Bold and Exciting

Gameumentary: The official reveal trailer for Call of Duty: WWII was impressive, but didn’t do much to distill me from thinking it was just another Call of Duty game. Not to say that’s a bad thing though.

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2051d ago
XbladeTeddy2051d ago

This won't just be another CoD game because they know they have to change up the formula to stay relevant and they sound like they know that. Really looking forward to it it's going to be a massive seller for them.

2051d ago
brave27heart2051d ago

"Bold and exciting" ??

Er....Americans , saving the world, the Normandy D day landings? That's hardly bold. That's every WWII game or film ever it seems.

Bold would be if you made the campaign from Russia's perspective. Or the French. Or British. And dropped the "we're all that stands between the world and evil" rubbish.

But then again, it's an American developer and that would take a minor miracle for them to step outside their flag waving bubble of national pride that a lot of Americans seem to live in. Yeah I know that's a generic statement but watch the trailer and tell me if you think this is going to be a human story about the horrors of war or a patriotic hero story of how great America was.