No Collector's Edition For PS3 COD5?

Treyarch appears to be omitting PS3 Call of Duty fans in marketing of its new incarnation of the hit franchise. Story after the jump...

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Skyyo3700d ago

Yawn I will save the 20-30 bucks on dvd commentary

SullyDrake3700d ago

First no COD4 CE, now no COD5 CE. This is crap.

chasegamez3700d ago

COD5 who cares
ps3 has better fps games this year

P4KY B3700d ago

but the ps3 fps will have inconsistent fps as usual.

(did you see what i did there?)

badz1493700d ago

and actually, this is already in my not-buying list since I heard Treyach is the dev! and that's quite sometime ago already. I don't care what are they going to offer in this, I'm not leeting my resistance off! (hehe...yeah...pun intended!) PS3 owners...behold your Resistance!

Jamaicangmr3700d ago

I had no intentions of ever buying however i like to know that we are treated evenly. I never had any intentions of buying COD5 anyway, but a few of my COD4 buddies are planning on getting so i might. Lets hope it's not true and if we aren't getting it they are just canceling it period. The Collectors edition i mean not the game.

littlenuthead3700d ago

yeh i'm in the same boat not really bothered about it but lots of my friends getting it so 50/50 at the mo

Fishy Fingers3700d ago

Ha, well I'm a "vanilla" type of guy anyway, the games can come in brown paper bags for all I care. It's only the disc thats important.

Example, the Lancer that comes with Gears 2, in a few years (when the game is very old news) will you look back and think "yeah that was worth it".

COD5 I'm torn on anyway, Gears 2, Resistance 2, LBP etc. I dont think I'll want to even find the time for a WW2 shooter, even one that looks this good.

lalapin3700d ago

R2 >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>COD5

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The story is too old to be commented.