Why don't any Switch controllers have a headphone jack?

The Nintendo Switch is the latest home console release and the first you can take with you on the go. Being a tablet in its true form, it’s no surprise the Switch can’t perform on par with current gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. However, with Nintendo pushing for technological innovation and ease-of-use with their new console, you’d think they’d think to put in a simple headphone jack.

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xetiro2043d ago

To me this is the biggest flaw of the system so far.

Anyone knows if we can use wireless headphones with the system? Does the 2 USB ports on the dock work for anything?

Lighter92042d ago

Nope. I tried to use my Sony headphones wirelessly, but it didn't work. Then I googled it and that confirmed it.

CrimsonPheonix2042d ago

You have to use an adapter.

indysurfn2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

@Xetiro There is a USB transmitter you can buy ($6 to$50) from bestbuy/frys/amazon/newegg that will allow you to do that.

Also the USB on the port it is not a USB 2 Even tough it is backwards compatible with it. It is blue, blue means it is USB 3. You can use this color code for any device (charger/phone/laptop/pc/table t) if it is blue it is UBS 3 and backwards compatible.

While I'm at it the advanced USB (Type-c) that is actually on the SWITCH is compatible with anything that is USB type-C ready. The good thing about that is you dont have to wait until Nintendo finishes making battery extensions. You can plug a USB-C portable battery into your swtich and have a LOOOOONG battery life. I have some 20,000+ mah batteries which means I can charge my SWITCH 5 times, or charge while playing.

AndreR2042d ago

the biggest flaw is that you have to use a phone to be able to talk to someone.

TheCommentator2042d ago

I just assumed it had one. Nintendo's specialty is portable consoles, so why wouldn't they have included a headphone jack in their new portable system?

My mind is blown right now...

Gemmol2042d ago

have to use an adapter for it to work on the switch

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

the system has it
and for me it's not a problem because I have the Sony Bluetooth Headset

RufusvonBalsac2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Unacceptable! And no Bluetooth headphones, like Dualshock 4 also unacceptable!

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Wallstreet372042d ago

Watch some cornball fanatic try to spin this as a plus for Nintendo lol like they always do. "oh the don't have a headphone Jack bcus it would add to the weight of the controller" lol at least they got Sony's share button though and it works good :)

SoulWarrior2042d ago

Just wait for EddieNX to show up :P

EddieNX 2042d ago

I cant really defend this one , but still absoloutely adore my Switch. I probably come off as a far left Nintendo fan and you know what? I AM!!! And I just dont care what u think about that lol. Nintendo make the best games, hardly surprising that they have fans. Also the hate some of u come out with is properly immature..

indysurfn2041d ago

uhhhhh EddieNX is right on this the hate is irrational.

Why the hate?

Nintendo didn't try to steal your right to share/sale/trade in games/ not be online for 24hrs and be able play a DISC GAME/Charge you a fee to sale your own game/ charge the retailer a fee to buy or trade in your game. They didn't do anything like that! They just ADDED motion controllers and the hate came. Even though they always kept the regular controller from wii to SWITCH I have a regular PRO controller for my Wiiu and my SWITCH!

Prince_TFK2042d ago

I own a switch but i dont think this is a plus for Nintendo. They should have included it, however there is aleady a headphone jack on the main console itself.

Wallstreet372042d ago

You bro what your ADR stand for?

indysurfn2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Yeah I don't know why people can't use the headphone jack! Plus must people have either a TV with blue tooth or a sound system with blue tooth I have it on both. But I do realize maybe 20% dont have wireless on either tv or sound bar.

At least they didn't do like Iphone and take out the headphone jack! I think half the people complaining don't own the system.

Neonridr2042d ago

nope, should have had the headphone jack. If I am playing in handheld mode, then the headphone jack is easily within reach. But if I decide to play in tabletop mode, the jack obviously is further away.

Not sure the reasoning considering the controller has so much tech jammed into it.

Wallstreet372042d ago


your my friend on switch so u know I own one. would have loved a headphone Jack on it.

indysurfn2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

There is a headphone jack on the SWITCH Look.

Wallstreet372041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

we know there's a HP Jack on switch why your emphasizing? You know we are talking in the context of Te headphones. Let me guess I'm complaining bcus I don't have a switch right? Bcus In the weird bizarro gaming world if a person rightly criticizes the company someone else fanatically adores they are enemies lol Smfh.

feel free to pm me I'll gladly add you to my friends list in switch :) like I did Eddie :)

still should have had a Jack on headphones as its more convenient. when ppl are playing on big screen and local MP with other ppl in same house would have renter cool if each con had an individual Jack in case both players are apart from each other and both want to hear headphone clarity.

indysurfn2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Above I stated the switch has a headphone jack, AND provided a LINK. I got a disagree? Irrational.

See how irrational the hate is? Nintendo haters are disagreed that it has a headphone jack. Just like the disagreed that Wii u and SWITCH has pro controllers.

Wallstreet372041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

"in the context of headphone Jack on controllerrrrrr"

It's strange that someone can't see how that is a negative and not convenient for those who want to play together each with headphones while the switch is docked lol

You probably got a negative just maybeeee because you mentioned a headphone Jack on the console but we are talking about a Jack on the controller itself. Just maybeeee that's what the disagree is for lol smh

Well you know as I mentuioned in my very first comment someone will fanatically defend the choice:)

It's cool bro we get it :)

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