Game Informer Giving away beta keys too!

timesplitter88 from the PlayStation boards writes "I looked and i haven't seen this posted yet, so don't flame me if this is common knowledge, im just trying to help my fellow brethren out getting a key because i know how you guys feel. I checked my email earlier tonight and I got this from GI. I did absolutely nothing to get this, entered nothing, did not fill out any forms whatsoever, hell i haven't even logged onto GI in god knows how long, just go there and sign up for their newsletter and PRAY"

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vhero3700d ago

keys have probably already been sent out for this so signing up mqay be a waste of time.

Legend20x3700d ago

Ami the only person feeling like its hopeles getting a beta key. No matter what i do i cannot get my hands on one. :<

Scenarist3700d ago

me either man . i cant get a dam code to save my life , i wanna just say F*it and donate my Ps3 to charity

The Dark Knight3700d ago

ive enter so many sites and havent got one...i get into the sh!tty socom beta insted

skate_live_element3700d ago

man ive tryed to get into like every beta but i just cant. it sucks i want into home i want into lbp i want into any beta but i cant get in.

mariusmal3700d ago

10 sites and nothing my friends :(

thePatriot3700d ago

so far can be compared to the last quest in a mmo. I must prevail. As Im suscribed to the magazine, I went and registered (to a 100 online site today).

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Fishy Fingers3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Good Luck everyone.

I know the constant refreshing or server timeouts these sites are suffering can be off putting, but stick in there, LBP is worth the effort.

My levels (2) have been played over 3000 times combined :) (350 hearts)

Disagree with me wishing fellow members good luck? Only on N4G.

Barca_V_V3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

i tied the score its 1-1 now lol
(EDIT: damn!! someone beat me to it, ive made it 2-1 though.)

i think the 1 that disagreed believes that your stats arent accurate enough, probably he thinks its more than 3000 times lol.

anyways, ill be happy to play your levels when i get my hand on a beta or the full game in worst case.

Rob0g0rilla3700d ago

How easy is it to download a level? Are there ratings like YouTube?

Fishy Fingers3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Ha, cheers Barca.

Rob0, yep, as of last night my levels had been played over 3000 times by other beta users. Playing a level is super easy, navigate your way around "the world" find the level you want to play (you can see how many users have hearted it, read there comments, quickly see "tags" that people have given it etc) click X and choose to play online (with others) or on your own. Loading is very quick, 20 seconds maximum for a huge level.

The rating systems is not fully in place yet but the hearts, tags and comments help give you an idea of the level before loading. But I'm sure the rating system MM are going to use will be needed, theres literally already hundred of user made maps available to play.

PvtCaboose373700d ago

i believe they are all gone

GamerscoreWhores3700d ago

Am I the only one just happy to wait for the game to come out?

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The story is too old to be commented.