Joker Screenshot Leaked for Injustice 2

GeekReply: A screenshot of Joker from Injustice 2 leaked on the internet today. It’s in French, but features the options for the recently expanded modifications and statistics.

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GamesMaster19822159d ago

not too bad. At least its not the awful pimp suicide squad version

GOODKylePS2159d ago

I don't know why I laughed at this as much as I did

2159d ago
The 10th Rider2159d ago

I mean, it's still pretty bad. You're right about being better than suicide squad though. If they gave him a shirt and ditched the awful emo haircut here he'd look fine.

81BX2159d ago

Yeah still looks bad

CyrusLemont2159d ago

He looks younger and is sporting that same Shirtless Leto trench coat look lol. Also wields gift of life mod? Sounds like he's returned via the Lazarus Pit (Hence the younger appearance), or perhaps someone's cloned him.

Timesplitter142159d ago

I dunno... still looks pimpy to me

Patriot4Life2159d ago

Are you serious...he looks like one of those #$%& boys.

-Foxtrot2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Sad that Harley Quinn and Deadshot even look better in this game

How can video games set in alternative worlds BUT are still doing their own spin still manage to come up with stories or designs which respect the source material more.

The DC Cinematic Universe is awful...I hope they reboot soon.

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KingKionic 2159d ago

Jesus Christ what did they do to Joker? This looks horrible.

2159d ago
Liqu1d2159d ago

Learned nothing from Suicide Squad. Just stick with the classic Joker look.

MrMagz2159d ago

Other costumes will surely be an option. I don't like this look either, but hopefully we won't have to play with it if the Arkham or even something like the Tourist alternate costume come back.

Cy2159d ago

Is there some kind of competition going on in DC about who can ruin the Joker the most? Because if there is, David Ayer already won.

ZombieGamerMan2159d ago

Nah the guy who made Joker wear his own face as a mask won that award

Cy2159d ago

UGH how could I forget about that abortion?

Pintheshadows2159d ago

Technically, that was on Zack Snyder as he had the final creative say. David Ayer was just a convenient puppet.

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The story is too old to be commented.