Stardock Clarifies Switch Comments: I Love It As A Gamer,But Our Games Are Based On PC Architecture

In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell revealed that the company had no plans to support the Nintendo Switch, citing the hardware being too different from the other major systems on the market. Wardell did add that Nintendo is one of those systems that doesn't need good third party support to be successful, however- but it looks like his comments went down poorly with some fans regardless.

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Dabigsiebowski540d ago

Only people who are mad are idiots. Nintendo fans don't really seem to care about 3rd party because frankly those games just don't sell so hot on Nintendo. Why should any dev want to throw resources to Nintendo when it's Nintendo themselves who need to prove they give a crap.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory540d ago

We don't care because we don't even know who these developers are?

uth11540d ago

It's a company whose sole purpose is to run their mouth constantly and provide gamingbolt with an endless supply of click bait headlines. I heard they sometimes make games too, but I've never seen one

Bjorn-c-blocker540d ago

I was going to say.... What exactly do they make? Also... the switch is just the same as the other platforms to program for. It is powered by Nvidia ....

rainslacker540d ago

A PC game developer who consistently wants to downplay consoles just to get their name in the press while they promote their own products, because I'd imagine the bulk of their revenue comes from their tools and game engine, because I never see their games talked about much, even in PC forums.

I guess Star Control would be one that's moderately well known in the PC world.

StraightedgeSES540d ago

Gone are the days each console could have different architecture.

Snk91540d ago

Wow! Frankly it seems you can't say anything anymore, without someone taking issue. He's a dev not just a gamer. So he above all has to take these kinds of things in account. I admire his initial honestly. But i don't like the fact that he had to later go on Twitter and try to straighten things up all because a few fans got upset. Man this world has really turned to shit. When folks feel like they have to backtrack on prior statements so not to so called offend or piss somebody off..

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory540d ago

who are these people?
Never heard of them at all in all these years gaming. They trying to get attention by talking about the Switch.

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TekoIie540d ago

They're actually pretty good developers who's games release primarily on PC. They're the devs behind Galactic civilisation, sins of a solar empire and offworld trading company.

Don't act like because you've never heard of them that it discredits everything they say.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory540d ago

it does discredit everything they say. A developer no one knows comes out of the blue and start talking like they making a big move in the industry

Elwenil540d ago


They are only "out of the blue" to morons who spend their time with their heads shoved up Nintendo's ass.

TekoIie540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

"it does discredit everything they say"

Well, no one knows who you are so everything you've said is also discredited then.... You see the flaw in using fame as a measurement of credibility?

You've also shown your ignorance of the PC gaming scene If you're completely unaware of Stardock titles.

I understand that based on your comment history you're primarily a Nintendo fan (I am the same). But dont act like there isn't a large sphere of gaming that exists outside of where you commonly visit.

rainslacker540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

I discredit them because all stardock has done is downplay any and every thing console related, from all the companies this gen. DX12, Vulcan, Switch, Any change in mid-gen upgrades, etc. You name it...Wardell has downplayed it. Half the time in a vain attempt at promoting his own back end products of development tools and game engines. Nintendo is just the most recent punching back for them.

I think the guy is knowledgeable, but if he's actually interested in adding to the discussion, he needs to realize gamingbolt is only using him for his easily molded comments to achieve their own ends.

It begs the question, if their games are based on PC architecture, why are we getting almost weekly opinions from them about the different consoles, their features, their power, their games, and what they have to offer?

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Gameseeker_Frampt540d ago

They are the one's that thought up of digital content distribution before Steam did and Brad Wardell is a big opponent of DRM. They have also made the excellent 4x game series Galactic Civilization as well as the RTS Sins of a Solar Empire.

Do you even game bro?

Elwenil540d ago

You would think an independent software developer that has been in business since 1991 would earn a little respect with these kids. Especially considering probably half of the immature comments here are made by people who were not alive in 1991.

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