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Nitrowolf22109d ago

dam, that looks exciting actually.

Here's hoping for the best

4Sh0w2109d ago

Yeah, I know reveal trailers, generally just give you a small glimpse of whats to come, still I wish we could of seen a little gameplay.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Why can't we ever play as the Russians? When they were invaded by Hitler, and were caught totally off guard and came close to losing their country but somehow miraculously ended up turning the tide and then went on the offensive smashing Hitler's army's all the back to Berlin and along the way were the first to discover the Jewish bodies and concentration camps.

I want Hitler and Stalin to be in the game, and I want concentration camps and stacked up bodies or murdered Jews. Will we see some of that in Call of Duty WWII?

annoyedgamer2109d ago

COD2 had huge segments playing as the Soviet Union.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )


My bad then. It's just every time I see footage of Call of Duty games, it seems like we're playing as Americans and they're talking English.

Ashunderfire862109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Lightning Mr Bubbles#

Hope this helps:

They are going to show the Holocaust.

morganfell2109d ago

4Sh0w, that was all ingame. Not in engine, but rather in game. There is a huge difference.

More insight at the Livestream:

Glad to see Josh Duhamel as one of the lead actors.

2109d ago
candystop2109d ago


Wow, yeah thats something i would love to see.

fatbastard112109d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles Why do you wanna see Jewish bodies?Are you a Neo-Nazi?

TheUndertaker852109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

@Lightning Mr Bubbles: Call of Duty World at War also has you playing as a Russian against the Germans. Viktor Reznov is highly featured along with the journey of the Germans invading them the Russians fighting back to reclaim Russia along with venture into Germany.

Kleptic2109d ago


I'm not sure what you mean, exactly...

Originally, Call of Duty heavily focused on different fronts of WWII from the perspective of various allied soldiers. I don't think any of them were 'just' Americans. They localize languages for all kinds of reasons, but literally everything you mentioned in your first post was in CoD 2. It opened as a direct rip from Enemy at the Gates (your russian sniper name was even 'Vassili'), and surrounded the theme of where Russia finally pushed the Germans back beginning in Stalingrad.

There are many other allied 'things' throughout the original games.

They've done the Normandy invasion before in CoD, but this is straight out of Saving Private Ryan almost shot for shot for the first 30 or so seconds. Many other parts lifted from Band of Brothers; so will likely have Canadian, British, and other allied personnel involved. I'm not complaining; most of these movies/shows released before the average CoD player was born, so good for them with introducing the theater with what worked before. there was a time where CoD as a franchise borrowed from other mediums in an overall positive way...when they have nothing to go off of, it's been a whole lot cheesier.

Trekster_Gamer2109d ago

It said at THE VERY first in game footage..

4Sh0w2109d ago


Yeah, I know you're right....I just mean I never really know how the game "feels" until I see it actually being played, "in game" scripted trailers are great but watching gameplay is the next best thing to playing it for myself.

morganfell2108d ago


No doubt they wish to save a little something for E3 :) so likely this will be a case of live gameplay demo from SP/MP at E3 and then the PS4 beta. Can't wait.

4Sh0w2108d ago

Right again morganfell, I was just beggin'.....I can't wait either.

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Palitera2109d ago

If you liked the past 5 CoDs, you are probably gonna like this one as well.
If you didn't, just lol at how naive gamers are.

Nitrowolf22109d ago

I enjoyed Infintie Warfare Story, but the Multiplayer not so much.

In fact I enjoyed pretty much all of Cod story, except Ghost.

I'm just hoping they do some change to the multiplayer, make it less about killstreaks and just keep it with base material

Erik73572109d ago

Oh most defiantly. If you havn't liked the past 5 cods there is nothing new to like here honestly.

Prey looks much more promising. But hey people like generic repetitive crap

MyFactualOpinion2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Just another WW2 game which we've had hundreds of. I like that we're steering away from future crap and exo suits and all, just was hoping for a different setting that hasn't been milked to death like the cold war era, korean war, gulf war, etc.

2109d ago
MyFactualOpinion2109d ago

@Cupofjoe I meant that era like Black Ops 1 was set in. Of course I know it wasn't an actual war hence the name "cold war."

Smitty20202108d ago

I can't wait for the setting and I do agree with keeping our feet too the floor

mark_parch2108d ago

looks fucking amazing. I thought blops3 was shit and infinite warfare was the first cod ever I didn't get. but will defo be jumping back in for this

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AspiringProGenji2109d ago

Another game not coming to Nintendo Switch.

Sorry I had to...

Neonridr2109d ago

where were the platforms confirmed anyways? The trailer doesn't show anything at the beginning or the end. Just curious I guess.

finbars752109d ago

Its only on PS4,Xbox and PC it was announced already

_-EDMIX-_2109d ago

Buddy you seriously got to be joking me are you literally going to pretend that a switch version is coming? I mean even after Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 I thought you probably would have got the picture that the majority of third parties are treating this like the Wii and the Wii U they're just going to skip it you would have to be a complete Neanderthal to honestly believe the same situation a third time would yield different results.

This is exactly what a majority of us predicted was going to happen to this system it's going to keep getting shafted just like the previous ones.

Neonridr2109d ago

@EDMIX - hey.. unruffle your panties for a second. I literally just asked where the platforms were confirmed based on that trailer becuase there certainly wasn't any confirmations in that thing.

I could care less in the end if it skips the Switch because if I want to play this game I will buy it for my PS4 or my PC anyways..

Funny how guys like you jump on anything anyone says, regardless if it's just a question.

LOGICWINS2109d ago

@Neonridr- Most of the people here are wound up for no reason at all lol.

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LOGICWINS2109d ago

The Switch version will be announced at a later date, just like Black Ops 2 was announced on the Wii U at a later date. I'd be pretty stupid for Nintendo not to get this game on the Switch.

_-EDMIX-_2109d ago

Just like it received infinite Warfare?

LMFAO!!! 😂😂😂


LOGICWINS2109d ago

The Wii U didn't have the power to run IW.

yeahokwhatever2109d ago

@logicwins neither does the Switch. My god, you people haven't been paying attention.

bumbleforce2109d ago

No way this comes to switch.

_-EDMIX-_2109d ago

@log- but the switch does?

So are some of you guys seriously not realizing that this is simply just the same situation of the last previous platforms?

I mean if you believe the switch version is going to be announced at a later date I'm not entirely sure how you're able to also understand that the Wii U was not powerful enough for these games but somehow something's changed with the switch.

Nothing's changed their platform is still not the same power as the current gen, you're going to get the same result I'm actually pretty surprised that some Gamers still need to be told this, so do you need 4 platforms to be weaker to tell you this? How about 5? Is it going to take you five Nintendo platforms that are weaker than the current generations to let you understand they're not going to receive these type of games?

Are you guys legitimately telling me over 10 years of this happening wasn't enough to let you understand this concept?

Seriously it's not rocket science.

Trekster_Gamer2109d ago

The switch version will be a platform game in wich your character shoots gold coins

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Erik73572109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

*Another ( lower rated ) game not coming to Nintendo Switch

Sorry I had to....

Rimeskeem2109d ago

Have you not played 1-2 switch?

_-EDMIX-_2109d ago

I know right because arms is going to be the best fighter of the year and win game of the year right?

Weather you like Call of Duty or not this game is likely going to be one of the top rated first person shooters this year regardless of how you personally feel

the team that makes Call of Duty games does a fantastic job almost every time regardless of how you personally feel or even me for that matter and I've stopped buying the Call of Duty games since Modern Warfare 2 but I'm not going to sit here and pretend as if they make bad quality because I've decided to no longer play it please at least stop exaggerating your hate that this isn't showing up for the switch.

If there's anything that I hate more that it's people overstepping their bias and absolutely exaggerating the quality of a game based on their own personal hate.

You sound like you would give a bucket of sludge game of the year if it appeared on the Nintendo switch.

Profchaos2109d ago

Nintendo switched off on specs and can't even get a cod game published on it. Which is fine cause we all know it's just a console for playing Mario and friends titles

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SaveFerris2109d ago

Call of Duty campaign trailers are always great to see.

-Foxtrot2109d ago

Yeah remember Infinity Wars and Modern Warfare 2...actual games though


UCForce2109d ago

Ok, you are being low.

-Foxtrot2109d ago

Hey you see peoples bitching after the games came out compared to the hype what else can you say

People were disappointed despite the games hype.

2108d ago
leemo192109d ago

Cod hasn't looked this promising in years, hopefully Activision doesn't screw this up.

Chaosdreams2109d ago

They will. Perhaps not with the gameplay (that falls more on the Developer anyways) but certainly with their practices surrounding maximizing profit (Season Passes, Micro-transactions). It's Activision, when have they ever not screwed things up for the consumer?

2109d ago
LOGICWINS2109d ago

Infinite Warfare had a great campaign. Multiplayer was laughably bad IMO.

DefenderOfDoom22109d ago

Promising? there was hardly any actual gameplay shown. I guess some people prefer awesome cut scenes, not me.

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Matology2109d ago

Saving Private Activision.