NZGamer: Pure Review

NZGamer writes: "That first line sets the tone for the rest of the game. Pure is a rocking, rolling, and often ridiculous, ride. Suspend your disbelief, straddle your ATV (when I was a youngster they used to call them Quad Bikes - although, to be fair, that's a stupid name), and prepare to do battle with gravity.

Though Pure is ostensibly a racing game, that is in truth only half of its parentage: there's almost as much of it that is an extreme sports game. Be prepared to make the most of every bump and every hillock to pull off exciting tricks. And as for cliffs and ramps... they're where the stunts get really death-defying (I say death-defying, but in fact, I'm convinced that your avatars are actually the living dead, because the idea that I could survive the number of times I've fallen, smashed face-first into rocks, or been crushed by my trusty wheeled steed, threatens even disbelief suspended by 2-inch-thick wire cables). Realism be damned! Standing up on your ATV while it is in mid-air; performing hand-stands; coffins. Don't be shy: what makes the game so much fun is how forgiving it is. Try for that flip - even if you screw it up and land on your head, you'll be planted right back on the track, and barely even lose your place."

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