Switch is back at GameStop stores today

Switch units are available for purchase at GameStop stores once again as of today, the retailer has announced.

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That one guy 862103d ago

I just bought a refurbished Wii U, from Nintendo. I haven't played a Nintendo game since Wii sports. I looked into the backlog of games for both Wii and Wii U and it seems like a no brainer. Will play these games, then sell my Wii u and eventually buy a switch.

InTheZoneAC2102d ago

Pick up a Wii u pro controller for $20 or less. My recommended games:
-Zelda botw
-Zelda TP HD
-Zelda WW HD
-Donkey Kong country tropical freeze
-New super Mario u
-super Mario 3d world
-Yoshi woolly world
-paper Mario color splash
-Mario kart 8
-Super smash Bros

And all the other VC games like DKC1-3, Zelda alttp and minish cap

chente00252102d ago

You forgot Bayonetta 2. Oh, and need for speed most wanted was really good too... Pikmin 3 also and the wonderful 101.

VincentCastle2102d ago

good choice, i did the same, also give Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirrage#Fe a try if you want on the wii u.
And on the wii front there is Rune Factory Frontier, Xenoblade Chronicles, TLOZ- Skyward Sword, The last story, there are two fire emblem games but i did not like those, FF CC The crystal bearers, and that's pretty much it that are good games in in oppinion.

Automatic792103d ago

I want to purchase, just waiting on a deeper library of games.

81BX2102d ago

Yes. Smart move. I got mine day 1 with zelda.... Now I'm waiting on a Wii u game Mario kart??? Oh well I knew what I was getting into

0Day2102d ago

Switch is a lame system. I had one at launch and recently ditched it on ebay. Try before you buy folks.

Istolla2102d ago

I tried it, and I love it. Different strokes for different folks.

InTheZoneAC2102d ago

Obviously, but don't discredit his valid point

Perjoss2102d ago

I don't see discredit, only 2 people giving their opinions

EddieNX 2102d ago

Switch is a great system. I had one at launch and still have it now. Buy before you try folks.

InTheZoneAC2102d ago

Lol so true when it comes to people who buy regardless of sketchy history

Testfire2102d ago

Still play mine every day

Istolla2102d ago

InTheZoneAC when did I discredit his point? Also what makes it valid? It's just an opinion there is nothing to validate.

InTheZoneAC2102d ago

Don't play stupid. Did you jump on the Wii u band wagon? What makes the switch different? How is try before you buy not a valid point?

You people are ridiculous sometimes, unless you were simply trolling me then LOL at me

Istolla2102d ago

InTheZoneAC not that it has anything to do with my statement, but no I have never owned a Wii U.

"Try before you buy" is a suggestion, not a point being made. "The Switch is lame" is an opinion, not a valid point. So what valid point did he make?

Razzer2102d ago

I'm enjoying mine. Play on the TV at night after work and then take the portable unit and play in bed until I go to sleep.

It does need more games. Looking forward to Mario Kart but after Zelda there look like there is going to be a dead period. That is ok though. Still playing all my PS4 games. Great year for games overall.

0Day2102d ago

Let me clarify my reasoning... sorry. The launch titles were a bit lame to me. I love zelda but I cant justify spending the $330 (after Tax) to play 1 great game. Overall it just didn't do it for me. Mario Kart is around the corner but its just Mario Kart 8 again, so still not something new and exciting. I really wished they had a decent lineup of Retro Console stuff but the selection was really bad...Even having ARMS as a launch game would have been great, Splatoon will be fun, but again its the same of what we already had on WII U.

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