Blu-ray's market share has almost doubled since HD DVD's demise

Blu Ray has seen 50% increase on DVD EMPIRE and AMAZON CHARTS courtesy of Godfather Collection ediotion's release. Although it will be very interesting to see Blu Ray: DVD ratio next week Videscan has revealed some very interesting info on Blu Ray's marketshare

"Looking over this list, it's nearly impossible to see much of a pattern, but one thing is for sure: Blu-ray market share per title is not down, and totally dependent on how popular the title was to the Blu-ray demographic. "

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Silogon3673d ago

& yet someone will post an article tonight or tomorrow about how Blu-ray is in decline and digital downloads are where it's at, or even better, a new disc media is on the way.

Just whatever, man. The set standard is Blu-ray. It will be blu-ray in 2015 just like it is today. Blu-ray is our new media for the next 10 years, deal with it naysayers.

badz1493673d ago

the bluray is dead!!/sarcasm

it's funny there are a lot of people out there really want the bluray to be dead! saying bluray is not necessary, DVD is enough...they do really hate to progress in life don't they? it's true that bluray is a little expensive compared to DVD but price will come down given more and more people adopting it. plus, you can always get cheap bluray from Amazon.

cahill3672d ago

which accounts for just 0.6% of Total movie sales revenues