Sony and Microsoft Need Smaller Controllers

Are Sony and Microsoft handing Nintendo a competitive edge by not meeting the needs of parent gamers with smaller controller options?

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TheCommentator2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

OG Xbox needed smaller controllers than the Duke, otherwise controller sizes are just fine. My son has been playing Xbox since hes was four without any problems. Leave the micro controllers to the 3rd parties instead.

Orpheo2101d ago

Agree. As a gamer with larger hands I love using the Duke X-Box controller whenever I can (whenever I play original X-Box games). I wish game companies made larger controllers for adults with larger hands. I think current sized controllers are fine for all, though.

JackBNimble2101d ago

This is this first time that I have ever heard anyone say that controllers are to big and they need to be smaller.
Infact didn't Sony make the ps4 controller big then the ps3 controller because that is what consumers where asking for?

indysurfn2101d ago

This is the first time you have heard someone say this? I heard it way back when the ORIGINAL Xbox came out the ORIGINAL It was constantly articles from JAPAN saying this. I think only blind fan boyism will make you ignore the simple logic of your fingers are 1 to 4 times longer than other child or adult.

STOP BEING IRRATIONAL people there is not problem with being able to buy a smaller Sony or Microsoft controller. Nintendo has the PRO controller for the adults and the pack in controller that smaller hands can use.


No they don't you need bigger hands.

DarthZoolu2101d ago

Yep lol, I love the Xbox one s controller best ever imo, I hear Playstation gamers say they love the PS4 controller.

Kratos19812101d ago

Both XBO and PS4 controllers are perfect

StoneyYoshi2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Its funny because i remember when everyone was complaining how the Dualshock 3 controller is too small. Then Sony comes out with the Dualshock 4 and solves this complaint but not we need small controllers again.... LMAO
My best friends 5 year old has been playing game with us since he was 3 and he never had troubles reaching either controller buttons on my friends XB1 or my PS4. Either way, I'm sure there are plenty of 3rd party controllers that are smaller in design for this exact issue.

Paytaa2102d ago

Yeah the Dualshock 4 and the XB1 are perfect in basically every way. Going from one to the other doesn't even throw me off like it did going from a 360 pad to a Dualshock 3.

showtimefolks2102d ago

Yes I feel like both Ms and Sony gave found themselves perfect controllers

They can make minor improvements but Size wise both should remain the same

indysurfn2101d ago

@showtimefolks the article never said anything about changing Sonys or Microsofts standard controllers. They are asking for a OPTION to buy smaller ones. It will not affect you.

OhMyGandhi2102d ago

It really is. The author of this article must not have played videogames as a kid. These controllers are just fine, and judging by the average age of a COD gamer, they are more than adequate.

jambola2102d ago

yeah I've been playing games since before i can even remember
either on things like the snes or ps1 which
Never heard someone complain about the size of a ps3/4 controller
or xbox 360/1

SlappingOysters2102d ago

Do you even remeber the size of SNES controller?

indysurfn2101d ago

the article never said anything about changing Sonys or Microsofts standard controllers. They are asking for a OPTION to buy smaller ones. It will not affect you.

Duke192102d ago

With no kids in the picture - I have the exact opposite view. I think Nintendo needs more options for larger controllers. From the Wii U and now the Switch, long play sessions are annoying because the controllers feel too small for me. (button/stick placement)

TheCommentator2102d ago

Ironically, the kid in the picture has hands that are almost too big for the Switch controller already.

indysurfn2101d ago

You sound like a uninformed repeater of LIES. The Wii U and the SWITCH have a PRO CONTROLLER called the PRO CONTROLLER. They are full sized hard core controllers and both systems have always had them.


Duke192100d ago

Meh - prefer not to buy a new controller just to play a system comfortably. Not to mention you then lose all benefit of having the wiiu screened controller. Also for the switch - using it in store - the main benefit is the mobility imo, and that goes out the door if you have to use a new controller.

All im saying is - its pretty clear Nintendo designed for kids/small hands in mind

FallenAngel19842102d ago

Is that what you told your girlfriend? Jk