The Next Generation Starts When 3rd Party Devs Start Fully Utilizing The PS3

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag wrote, ""Sony says the next generation starts when they say so - bullshit!" - Mark Reign

Yep, Sony made some big claims a few years ago. They told us every game would be 1080p and 120fps. Kutaragi referenced "4d" when speaking about the system. The fact that they said the next generation will start when they say so sent many fanboys on both sides of the fence into a fire. Has Sony delivered on their promises? For the most part yes, but what about the frequent claims that the 360 hardware is holding PS3 development back?"

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3673d ago

Th Bitbag? More like the zitrag! A website focused on useless opinion from useless podcasts

*claps* Bravo BitBag.You fail

mboojigga3673d ago

So basically you don't have sh*t to say?

GiantEnemyLobster3673d ago

This generation will never start, since no smart company wants to waste time developing for the GayStation 3, let alone fully utilize "the cell" (LOL cell)

TheXgamerLive3672d ago

Throw a couple steaks and that b1tch and grill the hell out of them.

George Foreman eat your heart out:) Ha Ha

INehalemEXI3673d ago

LBP is Next Gen not to many titles before it can be held in the same league.

SL1M DADDY3673d ago

So does next gen start when the hardware is released or when the devs get out of their lazy comfort zones and push new hardware to produce great games? I can't remember, did the chicken come first or did the egg? Hmmmmmm.....

tplarkin73673d ago

LBP will be very cool. But it's a little far fetched to say that it's beyond anything we have now. It's a 2D side-scroller (with 3D objects).

mboojigga3673d ago

Yes it is the developers that need more time on the PS3 but time is money. We already knew this was the case regardless if the game is excusive or not. This is why the first year was such a drag and the only big game at launch was R-FOM. Tekken 6 of all games has yet to be released. Soul Caliber which was developed by a different team same company Namco released their game while we are still waiting on the next gen Tekken. I mean the tradition has been for Tekken to be released around launch time for the last two Playstation platforms.

Yeah developers need more time but it isn't the developers fault of the design decisions by Sony. They can have all the time in the world for all I care if the game is truly a great game to play but at the same time from a developers perspective time is money and money is what makes the decisions that went into all the current games that are multiplatform or exclusive to be what they are today. Bioshock isn't even made by the same team but farmed out to another developer house.

dle3673d ago

This is the point the author of this article did not see. It is not that developers are lazy, but when a studio have 100 developers working on a game, the resource strain is insane. Obviously they would want to finish making the game ASAP. Since PS3 development is much harder, bringing PS3 games to the level of the 360 just take too much more time and money; why would they want to do that when that extra cost could be the difference between making a profit or posting a lost?

pwnsause3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

sony needs to also drop in pricing on the PS3 as well when it comes to developing costs on it. it turns off many devs when thinking about developing on the PS3 first.

Real Gambler3673d ago

The author said, about GTAIV: "What exactly got cut from the 360 version to keep it on one disk?"

It's called downloadable content and they were paid 50millions to do it.

So sure enough, there's plenty of ways to make money on both consoles.

This content should have been added to the game right away.

BulletToothtony3673d ago

and then it was a great experience, but when gaming totally changed for me was with MGS4, that game was so incredible..

Even up to this day, when i think about it, it really was an incredible experience..

Raptors3673d ago

I'm sorry...from a visual standpoint the next gen started with Gears of War. Uncharted and MGS4 continued it but it started with Gears. Hate the 360 or not, if you can't admit that then you're a certified fanboy and not a true gamer. Period.

BulletToothtony3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

but in general yes... GeOW definitely broke the great graphics seal..

great graphics.. great game..

ps. to specify.. i played RFoM before i played geow so yeah that explains why i said it like that.. ;)

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