Dear Capcom: Please Bring Back Rival Schools, the Persona of Fighting Games (without Cuts this Time)

The Justice Gakuen series of fighting games deserves a second chance on modern consoles, with all of its original features intact.

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PhoenixUp2495d ago

Capcom doesn't seem to want to resurrect any other fighting series beyond its main two

princejb1342495d ago

That's why they been going downhill.
I much prefer rival schools over street fighter
Even power stone would be cool to have


The Capcom Series Most in Need of Revival

Capcom recently revealed interest in reviving their dormant IPs, so it's time to look at which Capcom series would make sense to return.

Knightofelemia634d ago

Breath of Fire, Knights of the Round, Saturday Night Slam Masters, a proper Bionic Commando game, Ghosts and Goblins. I am all down for Dino Crisis loved 1 and 2 one thing I like about Capcom is their massive library of games that need to be brought back to life. Next to Konami, Namco, Sega, old Squaresoft, Capcom was and is another one of my favorite developers. I would like it if Disney would just let Capcom make a Marvel game or two or Disney should let Capcom handle some Disney games. Capcom pulled of some great games with both Disney characters and Marvel characters.

634d ago
Chevalier633d ago

All those plus Rival Schools, Powerstone, Darkstalkers, Dungeons and Dragons and Aliens vs Predator.

Terry_B634d ago

Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, Captain Commando, Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire.

CrimsonWing69634d ago

I feel like Darkstalkers will get SJWd, but I still want it

RyanShutup634d ago

The Japanese seem to be immune to that bullshit... so far at least anyway.

shinoff2183633d ago

Breath of fire would be number one choice.

Glad to see it getting some love in the comments. I loved these games 1 through 4.
Not dragon quarter

Godmars290633d ago

Dark Stalkers, any fighting game - or side scroller - really, just not with SF's current art direction.


Terrific Fighting Games That Deserve A Comeback

EVO 2017 is happening this weekend, and while there will be some great familiar fighting games, there are some franchises that are sorely missing. WWG looks at some great fighters that need a sequel or remaster.

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TheDCD2414d ago

Good call. The Sega CD version was great.

MegamanXXX2415d ago

How about Soul Calibur and Def Jam

TheDCD2414d ago

Ooh, Def Jam. We gave that some love in our wrestling piece. As long as it is NOT Icon.

godashram2414d ago

Soul Calibur, main line snk fighters like fatal fury and art of fighting, matrimelee and rage of the dragons (a good double dragon fighter).

I could go on and on and on....

BLKxSEPTEMBER2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

All i need is Virtua Fighter 6

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Kalebninja3077d ago

Journalism - "We're running out of things to write"

S2Killinit3077d ago

Lol right on. Hahaha you cracked me up somehow.