343i Acknowledges Halo 5 Storytelling Mistake, Will Double Down on Master Chief Focus

343 Industries acknowledged their storytelling mistake in Halo 5 and promised to double down on Master Chief's focus in future installments.

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KaiPow2352d ago

I thought it was mostly the marketing's fault. The advertising was hyping up this whole Locke vs Chief dynamic that never happened.

Aurenar2352d ago

Marketing was just part of it. They need to flesh Master Chief more, that's what Halo fans are interested in, not throw tons of new characters into the games that no one cares about

candystop2352d ago

Yes more Halo please! Its just we want Halo back from part 1 and 2. We want all the original music. Heck bring the original team back together. Not sure why Halo is under attack for sequels when others are not.

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aconnellan2352d ago


I'm shocked that they made such a character-driven story in Halo 4 (which really helped flesh out the Chief in a way we hadn't seen in previous games), and then took a huge step back in Halo 5, where they bit off more than they could chew.


Halo is consistently one of the most well-made FPS series being made to date. Halo 4 had a great story but average multiplayer, where Halo 5 has a series-high multiplayer but a terrible story. If they can combine the best of both worlds for Halo 6, then I'm all for more Halo

Erik73572352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Flesh master chief more? They tried that with 4 and 5.

I liked the silent protagonist and strong supported cast (halo 5 had neither of those). Master chief was a genetic modified human being made to kill people. That is what he is. I think giving him more personality and making him a conflicted character takes away from what made master chief interesting in the first place and takes away the immersion from you the player playing as him. If they do go down a path of him having conflicting problems, please dont, but if they do please dont make him talk a lot.

Let the supporting cast, ya know the supporting cast that was good in original halo trilogy or halo reach draw the gamer in with awesome characters.

How about actually focus on making the story good and not just throwing lore that only people who read the books can appreciate. Even then, the story is a bore to go through for halo 5 so all the lore was just trying to cover that up. If you were to ask me what happend in halo 5 I really couldn't tell you.

You might tell me the spartan squad around chief were good characters, they were, FROM THE BOOKS. The game didn't do anything with them, if you were to not read the books, they were pretty bad and boring. Again, 343 relying off the lore to cover up the shitty story and character development they do.

The only thing I liked was in halo 4 when they created tension between chief and cortana and focused on the relationship between them. They can work with that.

Boss fights were also god awful in halo 5. The forerunner things aren't fun to fight like the covenant. Not at all, they just look cool and thats it. Why didn't we have a dope spartan fight with locke vs chief and not a cutscene of it? Cause thats hard and that repeating forerunner boss was just them being lazy and uncreative.

The music is also less distinct than the original trilogy was. Needs to be more original with its music and less generic sounding like halo 4-5.

candystop2352d ago

I wonder whats next...."Chief you have a baby"? Lol ....listen to the fans 343i

ShadowKnight2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )


They need Halo because it's their most popular game. I expect Halo 6 at Microsoft press conference

XanderZane2351d ago

That's like saying, "no more GT or no more God of War". Think that will ever happen?

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boomtube19872352d ago

Read between the lines. A new Halo game for scorpio at 4k resolution. Game of the year for sure.

andrewsquall2352d ago

Ah, so the reason Halo 5 was mediocre was because of the dynamic resolution that never hit native 1080p. Good to know. Also, I didn't know Quantum Break at 4k on PC is actually the overall Game of the Year of 2016. Go fig.

TheCommentator2351d ago

Actually, if you read between the lines, I think 343's got something else cooking up right now. First, there's been no hype around a new Halo at all, which is weird on its own. This is really the first bit of news, and it sounds like they're just starting to focus on the story elements. Since story creates the foundation for the locations that artists need to create, this suggests that 343 is finishing up work on something else... something in development at least since Halo 5 launched... that will get announced at E3 and launch in the fall/spring.

Just my take on things anyways, but we'll see what happens at E3!

-Foxtrot2351d ago

It's their arrogance aswell

They wanted to bring in Locke because they wanted to have an iconic character as big as Chief. They are looking at Halo like Bungies child and even though Bungie has moved on it's still Bungies franchise along with Chief being their iconic character.

Halo 4 they tried to do their own thing with the multiplayer so it would shift into a new kind of "343" multiplayer, not Bungie. They failed as no one liked it

Halo 5 they switched it around and decided to go after the single player. They created Locke and tried to do their own spin by making the co-op a story related feature. This is why we had squads of Locke and Chief because it would be something they've done, not Bungie. Again they failed

They need to get back to Chief being alone...the one man against the world....NO....Galaxy. It made him look epic and really put that focus on his one special element only Cortana could see...luck.

Chief needs to go by himself and it's sad because for going "rogue" in Halo 5 that would have been a time where him being by himself would have made the most sense. Oh but no no, lets bring in Blue Team who hardly any one knows about unless they've read the novels.

Chief needs to be thrust together again with Cortana and because they are on different sides it could be interesting seeing old friends use each other for the end goal.

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tigertron2352d ago

Chief was almost reduced to a mere cameo in Halo 5 and made Cortana the villain. Very disappointing.

VforVideogames2352d ago

Halo was once compared at one point to Star Wars but now the story its so complicated that the game doesn't even make sense.

-Foxtrot2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

It's all the novels and the like they've done.

Instead of focusing on the game and adding the lore through that they did all these spin offs. I mean look at Elder Scrolls you have a few different types of media like novels out there but most of the lore you NEED to know about for the present game is included somehow...mostly through the story.

I mean look at this for example


That's apparently just shortly after Halo 4 dealing with a returned Didact...I mean if the Didact returns in his new form during Halo 6 then people are going to be confused what happened in between. People will assume he body was destroyed at the end of Halo 4 when that's not true. The story telling is a mess.

Bigpappy2352d ago

I could play it for very long. The gameplay felt old and a step backwards. Lit was linier and felt like it was on rails. They set you along a path and tasked you with killing everything along the way. until it time to introduce the Chief. At that point I did want to go any further.

aaronaton2352d ago

They should focus on Cortana's story, on how and why she turned into a feminist SJW simply overnight.

-Foxtrot2351d ago

They better make it so she's being controlled or corrupted

I feel like they could get away with the Didact being still alive somehow and is controlling her or even merged with her. Some of the things she said in Halo 5 were basically what the Didact said in Halo 4 if not worded a little differently.

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ChristMustDie2352d ago

You'd think the developers of this series would know what their fans truly want. The marketing truly was all over the place with Halo 5, I'm sure they won't make an expensive mistake like that again.

aconnellan2352d ago

Their marketing was super on point - unfortunately the actual story didn't reflect what was in the marketing

Concertoine2352d ago

I agree. I normally dont give a crap about Halo's story, but the Halo 5 ads really piqued my interest.

Halo 6 needs to be great after 5.

freshslicepizza2352d ago

what fans want is a great campaign and a great online, sadly not many developers know how to do this. they should be making it a great single player first and stop the focus always on online.

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annoyedgamer2352d ago

All they had to do was copy Halo Reach online.

FallenAngel19842352d ago

What's going to happen to Locke?

Festano2352d ago

I hope he's gone, can't stand him.

King Nezz2352d ago

Why can't you stand him? I think he can be a good part of the Halo universe. But I would have preferred him in something like a Halo ODST setting. At least until he developed a reputation and a following like MC.

LexHazard792352d ago

I liked playing as Locke and hope they still have him in the story. Afterall he is a Spartan hunter.

hulk_bash19872352d ago

I would like to see them give Locke and the rest of Fireteam Osiris their own offshoot game like Reach or ODST. But leave the main series for Master Chief and his story.