Call Of Duty: WW2 Pro Edition Leaked

It seems every detail of this year’s Call of Duty apparently has to be leaked before it’s officially announced, here is Call of Duty: WWII’s Pro edition.

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2pacalypsenow2639d ago

Pretty sure it's going to be a regular Xbox one version with Scorpio enhancements, like they do with PS4 games. I doubt they will make a separate Scorpio version of the game, it would only confuse customers.

annoyedgamer2639d ago

I bet they will, if they can make a pro edition, they can mane a Scorpio edition.

2639d ago
2pacalypsenow2639d ago

Yeah "Pro" edition doesn't mean it's a PS4 Pro edition. Are people really thinking that?? It's like their Prestige editions they had back in the day.

annoyedgamer2639d ago

I know the pro isnt referring to the PS4 Pro, its probably a bunch of dlc and a steelbook.


What Scorpio owner would be confused by a Scorpio only edition of the game? Thus is not 1989 anymore. Most people who buy game consoles are well informed about video games I would like to think. Sure you will have some soccer mom going to game stop and asking to buy little Jimmy a gamecast but that's a rare occurrence.

2pacalypsenow2639d ago


Well when someone who doesn't know about Scorpio or doesn't own one sees two Xbox versions it can confuse them. Not everyone checks game websites every day. If the game works on Xbox 1 and Scorpio why make 2 cases for the same game?

oof462639d ago

That will probably happen further down the line. But not now.

Ceaser98573612639d ago


"I bet they will, if they can make a pro edition, they can mane a Scorpio edition."

They will not make a scorpio edition becoz the marketing right is with Sony... Also ya you can say the game may look better on scorpio but a separate Scorpio version that wont happen.. Like SOW PS4 version wont happen but ya a Pro patch can happen...

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VoodooProject2639d ago

Does a PC version need MICROSOFT WINDOWS installed on the PC?

ShottyatLaw2639d ago

Is there something different about this release that I don't know about? I don't think too many people would defend COD's typical PC releases. Or were you just trolling? Any console version is likely going to top whatever half-ass port job hack-a-thon that makes it to PC

Good luck to you if you're going that route, though. From personal experience, I definitely would wait a few months before purchasing.

Vegamyster2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )


Probably but i don't see why requiring Windows matters, it's not like Microsoft gets money from game sales through Steam which is where the vast majority of PC sales will come from.

Artemidorus2639d ago

Look at all the downvotes, 100% FACT it will be better.

It must hurt being in denial.

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Snk912639d ago

The Scorpio will likely have the definitive version. It's Scorpio or nothing for me, as goes all the other multiplatform games that drop.

2pacalypsenow2639d ago

It will be the same regular Xbox one version but with Scorpio enhancements. They wont make a Scorpio Edition. Same for PS4 pro, it will be on a regular Ps4 case just like all Ps4 games with Pro enhancements.

LexHazard792639d ago

Yes but the enhancements will make it the best version. No?
Like Snk91 said all multiplatform games are getting bought on the Scorpio going forward.

2pacalypsenow2639d ago

Well yeah that's a given, but they wont make a Definitive version with it's own box which is what I'm referring to.

samden2639d ago

@LexHazard79, eh, I'll keep getting multiplats on PC where they will be even better than on the Scorpio :P

Aenea2639d ago


And I will still be getting multiplats on my PS4 Pro where all my friends are...

Don't get me wrong, still getting a Scorpio, but most non-MS exclusives will still be bought for my PS4...

Ceaser98573612639d ago

I will buy games which i would love playing online on Scorpio.. Rest on my Pro, thats fine by me.. RDR2 i have to get two copies.. one on the Pro for SP campaign only and the other on the xbox to play online only... Most of my close frens are on Xbox one..

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krypt19832639d ago

Phil Spencer already said if there is anpc verison of a game scropio will use that versions high end assets, stop asking or worrying about scropio versions even if devs are lazy scropio will do the hump work to improve assests/performance, ponies think there won't be a hugh difference between pro and scopio titles but mark my words the difference will be staggering.

yeahokwhatever2639d ago

Given that the differences between sonic the hedgehog and horizon zero dawn don't stagger me, i find that impossible to believe.

G20WLY2639d ago

Your logic's on a par with your spelling.

Aenea2639d ago

Did he really say that? So he knows what devs are going to do already huh? If he said something like it, it was perhaps more along the lines of "they can" instead of "they will". He has no power over all the devs out there...

Aenea2639d ago

LOL, you guys are so funny!

Are you going to say this now about every game that releases? Pathetic!