Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Single Player Only - Multiplayer Portion Absent

Is Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 worth buying? Well, it depends. The game released today along with Outlast 2. Though, a lot of the hype for the game was practically dead after the first 2 delays and now, as the game gets released it has no multiplayer option as of now.

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theXtReMe1568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

The developer has stated for the last year that they were focusing on single player and that multiplayer would be added post launch. They wanted single player to be the focus and multiplayer to be shaped by those that love it. That way, both single and multiplayer are the best that they can be with no compromises for either. I think its a bold move and reassures those that love single player, that it isnt just a tacked on afterthought with mindless bots instead of truly tactical AI.

I wish more developers would take this kind of initiative.

spicelicka567d ago

I agree! Also they communicated how it will be, which many developers tend to forget.

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