Arcades: Why are they dying?

That Gaming Site: "You know, back when I was just a little kid, I used to love going to the arcades. Listen to that "Vendetta" intro over and over again, watching the Street Fighter II fights, gasping in amazement when Mortal Kombat was first released…It was a very good time to be into arcades.

Now? Arcades are almost non-existent. A dying side of the gaming business, which is slowly fading, and all we can do is just sit down, stare and do nothing."

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TrevorPhillips3679d ago

arcades machines where good back then but now there are consoles like 360 and ps3

Elven63679d ago

I dunno I like playing some games better in arcades then at home, like Metal Slug, Street Fighter, and light gun games. I always have a few rounds at the arcade in my local ciniplex when I go.

TrevorPhillips3679d ago

well when i go bowling they have arcades there and i sometimes play xmen vs street fighter, point blank and metal slug there ok

TheColbertinator3679d ago

I go to the movies and play some House of the Dead,Initial D,and Virtua Fighter(yes I am a SEGA fanboy)

Whoooop3679d ago

The only time I play arcades nowadays is when I go to the movies and it's mostly to laugh or have fun with my girlfriend... I hardly enjoy them as a gamer.

They used to be great when there was nothing else available to match the WOW factor arcades had... Now we have PC games and consoles which are more impressive IMO.

Arcades are just victims of evolution and convenience.

Josh1billion3679d ago

Stopping arcade-to-console ports would be disastrous: few people have local arcades these days, so few people would get to play those particular games even if they wanted to.

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The story is too old to be commented.