Marketing LittleBigPlanet

1. It'll receive tons of press.
Every Christmas news show will create their own level. You will see Breakfast Television LBP levels. You will se a "The View" Level, a Regis and Kelly Level. Local News shows will have their own level created. It's a marketing dream. I'll bet you a coke that before Christmas you will see a LBP level for the Fox NFL sports Show. Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long Sackboys. How about a downloadable Regis Sackboy. Not to your liking. How about a Jay Leno, or John Stewart Sackboy. And who is going to say anything bad about a game that they are in. 4 player View action with Barbara Walters. All the soccer Moms that bought Wii's last year have something new, family friendly to play. Dad sees it as a way to get a Blueray player.

2. Emotional Connection.
LBP is full of it. If Sony were to run an ad showing. dad/granddad playing with their son in creating a new level it would have something that just resonates with every dad. If Sony portrays this correctly and in the full Family positive way that it can be portrayed, they will have a monster success.

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UPDATE: The post was originally from mcloki's comment.

Cusco5546d ago

True enough. Little Big Planet sorta just came out of no-where. Sony has made some poor console exclusive choices, but the guys at media molecule are just pure brilliant. It's nice to see a brilliantly simple, yet at the same time artistically intricate game get so much recognition. This is what making games should be about. It shouldn't be about making the next FPS or action game with X number of gameplay hours or super awesome graphics, or x number of people online. it should be about innovation like this. Of course with the saturation of the gaming market this isn't always possible, but Sony has done an amazing job securing something this big. Undoubtedly, PS3 is headed towards a really, REALLY bright future. So is MM, i think this game will spark a cultural phenomena. I was already considering doing some presentations for university using this game.


Top 20 Best PlayStation 3 Games (20-11)

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Is the PlayStation 3 retro? This is a surprisingly hard question to answer as the system definitely has the age to be considered retro, having launched in 2006, over 15 years ago now. But with it being home to so many massive games, many of which still hold up today and in fact were released for the PlayStation 4 when that console was released, make the PS3 a retro console that doesn’t feel retro."

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shinoff2183579d ago

No ps3 is not retro. I dont even consider ps2 era retro. All imo.

shinoff2183579d ago

Typically, the term retro is given to items which are at least 20 years old (but not yet 40 years old).

Quick google search

badz149579d ago

No the PS3 is not yet a retro console. But if you're gonna put 1 game from a series in this list, then LBP2 should be there instead of the original, Motorstorm PR is also an overall better game than the 1st game and to put Tools of Destruction over A Crack in Time is a blasphemy when ACiT is the best game in the series.


An update on the LittleBigPlanet server and online services

Classic LittleBigPlanet servers are to be shut down permanently following hacks.
Sony’s drastic move comes after months of downtime for the older games.

darthv72810d ago

It was fun while it lasted. And some of the user created stuff was a blast to play with.

Snookies12810d ago

Whaaa-? That's crazy. Didn't expect it to be permanently shut down...

Teflon02810d ago

It's still up on PS4, they just shut down the PS3 end because hackers on PS3 can't be stopped and go on the game making announcements that can't be avoided without having to go back to all the old game codes and updating to remove the feature etc. It's one of those sad and garbage things where hackers ruined a good thing. I'm mostly sad about the Vita, I'm not sure if I have my music stages saved to my Vita, meaning they're gone forever if I didn't save them back to it. They were good too :(

Profchaos810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Have to say I expected them to be permanently shut down problem would be in the underlying server architecture and possibly something like a depricated authentication protocol which has to be replaced that the PS3, PSP and vita can't support which is why they can't be securely restored on those consoles but the PS4 does support it.so lbp3 was restored on that.

Given the attackers were able to breach the server there was obviously a fear of lateral movement once inside their servers so I can't blame them for this and it makes sense despite the huge blow to the community millions of hours spent building that community.

Despite this blow I believe the millions of creations are going to be available via lbp3 and it's capability of backwards compatibility with user generated content so that's something to be thankful for still not a huge consolation to the many players who only own a older console but unfortunately that's the world we live in these games are old the older they get the more insecure the servers get which the company that make them.host them on and the more likely they need to be shut down.

MadLad810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Feel bad for the people who dedicated so much time into this game.

Battlestar23810d ago

Nice edit to your troll comment.

MadLad810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

I reread the article, and changed it, to be as honest on the topic as possible.
Let's be real, it was an easy reaction to have considering their actions of late.

CaptainHenry916810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

He's been on a roll and it's comical 😁

RedDevils810d ago

This guy love stealth troll on playstation article as I see the pattern, but he doesn't want to admit that he's a MS fanboy.

Christopher810d ago

I am also sorry people enjoyed the online aspects of the game?

mikey15810d ago

TheRealTedCruz10h ago(Edited 10h ago)
Feel bad for the people who dedicated so much time into this game.***

I'm sorry for the PC fans port begging for Dreams to come to PC... You do realise that


Little Big Planet 3 PS4 - PS Now PC gameplay
224 viewsJun 26, 2020

LBP is on PS Now and PC right?? So less of the crocodile tears/crap when you stated PS Now was crap... Clue

The man who earned a job by playing LittleBigPlanet
By GamesRadar Staff March 03, 2015
***“We've hired four people from the LBP community" reveals Alex Evans, co-founder of UK studio Media Molecule and creator of LittleBigPlanet. Including one lucky soul who dodged death to get a job on LBP2. Enter John Beech, or 'johnee' to his PSN friends. Two years ago John was a builder with absolutely no qualifications to speak of. But now? He's a full time designer at Media Molecule working on LittleBigPlanet 2, one of the most anticipated titles on PlayStation 3. This is his story.***

Dreams players are being employed by game studios

3RD MAR 2020 / 11:49 AM
Posted by
Tom Ivan***

The CREATIVE CONSOLE creates JOBS... What are they using to Sculpt??


the failure that is the MOVE controller. lolol

John_McClane809d ago

Why would anyone disagree with your statement? I don't get get it.

mikey15809d ago Show
John_McClane809d ago

@mikey15 Actually my comment was for TheRealTedCruz. There is absolutely no good reason for all those disagree votes.

mikey15809d ago

John_McClane9h ago
@mikey15 Actually my comment was for TheRealTedCruz. There is absolutely no good reason for all those disagree votes.***

of course there is.. He was stealth trolling stating all LBP contributors wasted their time making levels for LBP... I pointed out that some of the contributors for LBP + Dreams have actually got JOBs because of the CREATIVE console. Just like Gran Turismo fans


***Team GT Academy Competing at the Nürburgring 24hr This Weekend with Kazunori Yamauchi
May 18, 2012 (updated Mar 13, 2016) · News Article
by Jordan Greer · 37 Comments***

If you are so clever, step up and show me where I was wrong, or keep schtum and we'll see what a hero "John Mclane" actually is. lol

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Battlestar23810d ago

Understandable they had to do this better to be safe then sorry. I just wish those right wing racists that hacked the servers and started posting homophobic slurs would get want they deserve a good few decades in prison.

Profchaos810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

That's the thing I guess if it wasn't them it would just be someone else and we would still be in this position regardless of their intent.

darthv72810d ago

What are you going on about?

Profchaos810d ago

The attackers breached and manipulated the servers to place abusive messages all over the game ccontent https://www.ruetir.com/2021...