The FIFA Game that EA will (probably) never make

For me FIFA is a game that’s built upon such an unsteady love-hate relationship, I’ve been playing the EA Sport’s FIFA series since the very beginning in back in its...

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2044d ago
toddybad2044d ago

Just get rid of momentum

mikeslemonade2044d ago

Soccer is lame, just get rid of FIFA entirely.

Movieworld2044d ago

The biggest problem in FIFA is lag.

SgtPepper2044d ago

They should make a mode like on the old sensible soccer where you could play with a grenade that bounced all over the place randomly exploding taking out players. The trick is was to pass to the oppositions players when it was flashing so when it exploded you
had a man advantage.

RobBeckett2044d ago

Adidas Power Soccer used to get played round our house when I was a Young'un. You could do a 'Predator Kick' which made flames come out the ball and blew the keeper back into the net. You'll get non of that silliness from EA i'm afraid!

RommyReigns2044d ago

'The FIFA Game that EA will (probably) never make'

FIFA Street?