Outlast 2 Review | Gamer Assault Weekly

Allen of Gamer Assault Weekly ventures into the dark desert of Arizona in his review of Red Barrel's Outlast 2.

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SomeBeardy2Love2413d ago

Nice! Perfect score? First one scared me a lot I won't lie ha ha but maybe I could get into this!

VRex72413d ago

Definitely looking forward to getting my pants scared off of me with this one. The first Outlast was so much fun.

Bcrums2413d ago

You mean fun to watch? Watching people get scared is fun! I can't play horror games though o.O

Der_Kommandant2413d ago

Can't wait to play it, i wish it had PSVR support though.

Bcrums2413d ago

Dude that in VR? No way you'd get me to do that holy crap!

mark3214uk2413d ago

how come it has not got psvr support? other than resi/silent hill this game is perfect for psvr

Skankinruby2413d ago

How the hell do you buy this????? I don't see it on ps store or in any form other than the bundle. That better not be the only way to buy this game

VRex72413d ago

it might go live on the store tomorrow at release? I'm not too sure, I saw some people on Twitter asking the same

Maxemole2413d ago

It's not out until tomorrow. You should be able to buy it itself.

FrostbiteGhost2413d ago

This game is absolutely amazing!

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596d ago

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smashman98907d ago

Is the article picture from Until Dawn? I do not remember that in until Dawn at all. Truly Haunting.

Kakashi Hatake907d ago

It's actually Man of Medan. I believe it has the same developers as Until Dawn.


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blackblades909d ago

Got bladed fury, apparently its been on steam since 2018. Might have to start playing with steam for these types games.