Future Persona Games - Persona Q 2, Persona 5 Arena, Persona 3 Dancing

"Atlus, the publisher of the ever-growing Persona franchise has registered a bunch of domains related to the Persona series — here’s what I think they mean." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Tross1981d ago

Well, I only got partway into Persona Q and it's in my backlog along with Dancing All Night. Honestly, it sounds doubtful that every last one of those registered domains will become an actual game, but I'd love to get a spinoff of some sort for Persona 5. Heck, a Vita port would be nice too. Having new games set in the Persona universe can only be good news. I beat both Arena games so a new Persona fighter would be great.

1981d ago
TheGamez1001981d ago

Definitely wanna see the p5 cast in arena and q

Noxrest1981d ago

More characters in persona q? Ok i guess, just let me change the MCs so they don't overlevel

Tigerblud1981d ago

I want another remake of 3

Protagonist1981d ago

I just hope it will not take another 9 years before we will get Persona 6