What are the BEST car games for PS4 available right now?

Who likes to waste their money on games that are no fun? Find out what the best car games for PS4 are and never waste a cent!

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Dowls2610d ago

Hmm, I guess it could be. But it's not really up to much in my opinion. The challenges during the races are somewhat fun but doesn't really appeal to me.

But hey, opinions are nice to hear!

sampson31212608d ago

multiplayer races are fun. it's racing, should be appealing to any racing fans.

Ricegum2608d ago

Dirt Rally + VR & wheel.

Incredible experience.

modelgod2608d ago

IF that's all they have then that's pathetic! !!!

2608d ago
sampson31212608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

you are pathetic. why? because you never played it. if you did, we would like to see your trophys.

sampson31212608d ago

yup! even with all the hate it received when it came out, it's so f-ng good. the graphics are still some of the best you will find in any game.

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TheColbertinator2609d ago

Hmm I can't think of any good PS4 racing games right now. Tell you what...I will return here by next year and let you know if anything decent comes out.

Good day to you

InMyOpinion2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Dirt 4 looks sweet, and that's about it imo. Driveclub is alright but so shallow. GT Sport looks like another GT game, a series which hasn't evolved since 1999. Pretty car models and not much else.

Dowls2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I'm on the fence about Dirt 4, I want it to be a great game however I feel codemasters despite saying they're looking to work with the Dirt Rally team will make it too arcade like in an attempt to bring in more sales.

I also think they may return to the Grid DLC model, giving you half the game up front and releasing the rest as DLC.

I'm hoping it's somewhat similar to Colin Mcrae Dirt (the first in the series) and better. If not, I'll stick with Dirt Rally.

BlacKJesu52608d ago

What makes drive club shallow?

InMyOpinion2608d ago

@BlacKJesu5 - The career mode is poorly designed, just a bunch of scattered races with no real incentives to progress. You unlock more of the same. Here are some cars and tracks, now drive. And that's it. Online is broken. The driving model is not simulator nor arcade, which can be fine, but in DC's case it's executed badly. You never get that nice sense of flow when racing, feeling one with the car, that great racing games deliver.

sampson31212608d ago

"Driveclub is alright but so shallow" you get into a car and race other people. shallow? it's a racing game.

sampson31212608d ago

"Online is broken" what fucking year do you think this is? idiot.

SCW19822608d ago

I understand its your opinion about Driveclub but to say a campaign is poorly designed because it doesn't have gimmicky features to make you feel like your accomplishing something and unlock able perks shows how sad and unfocused the racing genre has become. You have Stars you have to achieve for highest score, aside from that what else do you need? What happened to driving and racing games being about excellent track design and a thrilling sense of speed? Until we get another Project Gotham Racing I will keep going to Driveclub for my simcade fix.

InMyOpinion2608d ago

@SCW1982 - There's no customization at all except changing between 3-4 liveries. Racing games can be BOTH fun and focused at the same time. I'm a PS4 only owner but I wouldn't mind having something like Forza Horizon 3 or Forza Motorsport 6 on the PS4. FH3 for a much better version of what Driveclub tried to be and FM6 for a much more fun and deep version of Gran Turismo.

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mcstorm2608d ago

@TheColbertinator I'm with you on that and in a way in glad I grabbed an xbox one at the start of this gen due to DC being put back. I am a big racing fan and liked the look of DC and thought I would get the ps4 over the xbox one at the start of the gen but went for the xbox one when DC was dropped and got forza 5 but now I have PC, Forza 6, Horizon 2/3, Dirt Rally and a few others at this moment in time the xbox one is the better of the two for racers. I am hoping GTS is a good game as this could be the time I pickup a PS4.

Dowls2608d ago

I can agree with that, I had all the Forza's on xbox 360, including some in collectors edition.

I'm mainly on PC and decided to go with a PS4 because at the time Windows 10 was announced and suggesting that games such as Forza would make their way on to PC (Which they are). However they're currently very poorly optimised and not worth buying on PC.

I might, when Scorpio drops, pick up a cheaper Xbox One S to go along side or trade-in my PS4, depending on what GT Sport has to offer.

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Retroman2608d ago

"what are the Best car games for ps4 ?

Any but the Crapfest rebooted NFS

Dowls2608d ago

Haha, I tried out the latest one on PC (EA Access) as it was on sale on PS so wanted to make sure it was worth my money. Boy did I dodge a bullet.

It's always online and loading is unbearably slow down to this I believe. Never really gave the game time after that. Not to mention the cutscenes...

Retroman2607d ago

Dowis , my gamer friend

Now that you PERSONALLY experience Ghost games studio NFS Crapfest lets see what they have instore this E3
my guess another Crapfest . No leaks,No Rumors . nothing since May 10th 2015
Either this going to be the Greatest come back surprise "Underground 3" ever or the Greatest catastrophe ever .
I place my bet on Greatest catastrophe ever.