Avalanche Studios Gets More Than $10M in Investment To Develop&Self-Publish More High Quality Games

Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max, theHunter) secured over $10M in investment to develop and self-publish more high quality games.

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ChristMustDie595d ago

This is fantastic news. I hope the devs can use this money to put it towards a mutliplayer department. That's the only thing missing from the Just Cause games!

594d ago
crazychris4124595d ago

They should have called me to help them with JC3 ideas, would have done it for free. I'm only a 45 minute train ride from their NYC studio. It was such a bland world and the performance is still horrible on consoles.

Nu594d ago

I read your crazy JC3 review a few months back.

mkis007594d ago

You're not totally off base, but I think they are getting better. Next step is to add more destructible environments and less cookie cutter destruction. I played it on pc and the bravarium jetpack was a stroke of genius. Make it like Mercenaries!

ccgr595d ago

Good for them! Looking forward to what they'll be making as a result.

LordofYogurt594d ago

I'll buy the next Just Cause game used, that last one was a goddamn dumpster fire. I seriously don't understand why they released it like that and why it has yet to be patched

Nu594d ago

JC2 is the better game especially on PC with multiplayer.

TheCommentator594d ago

I was going to comment on the, "more high quality games" bit because JC3 was a nightmare, but you summed up my point quite nicely.

JC4 had better be a well produced, stable game from the get-go. I haven't even bought JC3 because of all the negative feedback about its' lack of polish and lack of repair.

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The story is too old to be commented.