[email protected] Celebrates the Release of More than 500 Games on Xbox One and Windows 10

by Chris Charla, Director of [email protected]:
A little more than three years ago, we took to the stage at Gamescom to unveil a brand-new program for Xbox One. Our goal was to make sure Xbox players have access to the best, most diverse collection of games by making sure we enabled developers of all shapes and sizes to self-publish their creations on Xbox One.

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2102d ago
lxeasy2102d ago

Keep up the good work can't wait for Cup Head

XanderZane2101d ago

Yes.."Inside" was brilliant. I still need to get Voodoo Vince Remastered.

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EpacZinga2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

But who cares about indies guys. Only AAA games matter. I didn't buy my xbox to play indie games. Hey look at that indiestation 4.

Funny how we don't hear these statements nowadays...

peewee110162102d ago

It's called a double standard. At first Xbox fan would bash Sony but seeing as we are getting too tier AAA games they change the tone of how they speak of Indies seeing as that's all theybare getting so far

EpacZinga2102d ago

Well said. But no no, it's only the sony guys that are flip floppers /s

4Sh0w2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

meh, there are some great indies but I don't think Xbox fans have said they were a substitute for AAA games, which is the main reason I bought my X1.

That said nothing wrong with them noting that [email protected] has been very good for indie devs.

81BX2102d ago

Only Sony guys that are flip floppers?? Idk about that? But guess who is crying like a big woman...

PantherDragoon2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )


Truly well said.

Here are some examples of this fickle minded group of gamers.

- I didn't buy xbox one to play old games

Goes on to praise BC, Voodoo vince and Phantom Dust remaster

- I don't care about indies. I bought my console to play AAA games

Woot Woot. Cuphead looks awesome. Ori is the best game.

- Kinect is an essential part of xbox one. I like xbox one because of uniqueness of kinect.

MS removes kinect: Good job MS for making xbox strictly a gaming console. None cares about kinect.

- I don't care about power. I play games, not resolution.

Woohoo. Beast is here. Can't wait to play true 4K games on Scorpio

- Xbox has the best exclusives

When PS4 exclusives outclasses xbox one exclusives: Exclusives are not important. Exclusives don't sell consoles.

- Xbox has higher rates games on Metacritic

When Ps4 gets higher rated games on Metacritic: Who cares about metacritic.

- I don't care about cinematic games that sony makes. Uncharted 4 is a movie, watch it on youtube.

QB is one of the best games I've played this gen. Those live tv cutscenes were so cool.

- Japanese games are 'niche'. Nobody cares about Japanese games.

When QB and Recore flopped in sales: Why do you sony fanboys cares about sales only? Play games, not sales.


"But guess who is crying like a big woman..."


jrshankill2102d ago

Yeah.. like how PlayStation fans now say resolution and FPS don't matter now that we are getting Scorpio.


KenichiEbina2102d ago


That was no 'booooooom'

That was a damp squib compared to what panther has listed. Lol

TankCrossing2102d ago

Remember that time when there was an article about [email protected], and bunch of fanboys posted loads of irrelevant horseshit?

Good times.

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Gunstar752102d ago

You had to go there didn't you.

You couldn't resist.

Gunstar752102d ago

Count, on average, how many post I you have to get in this site before some salty, angry, brand-fascist turns the conversation into a fan war.

If you like that sort of thing.. .. well.... you're a loser

343_Guilty_Spark2102d ago

Two wrongs don't make a right.

EatCrow2102d ago

Only this time. Its being made up. I've been on these forums a while now.
At least since the new gen started and no I havent seen xbox fans suddenly start praising indies.

ElementX2102d ago

Indies on consoles basically started with Xbox Live Arcade. I actually play more indie games then anything else the past few years. I think it's great that many of the indie games I enjoy on PC are coming to the wider console audience.

candystop2102d ago

Indies were on Xbox long before indiestation. There are a few good ones here and there but you were the guys last generation that ignorned XNA. I brought it up many times and only until this generation they were out of nowhere important. As good as some are, it makes no sense how playstation guys bragged about them and yet talk down Backwards compatibility.

EpacZinga2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

If indies were so beloved to you guys, why did you downplay when PS4 was getting lots of indies? But NOW you people are gonna hype up indies and include them in lists because you people are damn sure PS4 is destroying the xbox in Exclusives department.

Hilarious to see the sudden indie love now

Oh I can't wait for cuphead. Inside is my GOTY. Can't wait for below and taocma etc etc. Oh well, at least the BS downplaying of ps4 indie games will stop.

MagicBeanz2102d ago

They were never short of hypocrisy in the xbox fanboy camp.

EpacZinga2102d ago

I am well ware of that my friend.

septemberindecember2102d ago

Pretty sure every fanboy has some hypocrisy to them. No matter what console or platform.

septemberindecember2102d ago

Yeah, I hear that a lot from the Xbox fans in regards to the "free" games that come out monthly since Sony likes to give away indies. Really ridiculous in my opinion. Some indie games are fantastic (like Rocket League).

That being said, this is great news. MS is helping people get their footing. Nothing wrong with that at all.

nevarDcirE2102d ago

It wasn't about indies, it was about ps4 having nothing but indies...

PantherDragoon2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Just like xbox has nothing but indies now.

Any big AAA game before E3? 5th month of 2017 is about to start....

CrystalFantasy2102d ago

This comment made me nostalgic for the early days of the PS4-Xbone console war.

Time flies.

EatCrow2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

There is a difference.
There is Indie CRAP and indie devs who create AA or even AAA games. Like The Witcher.

If you go to steam and look through some indies you can easily distinguish between indie crap and non crap.

Indie is usually low budget and not worth anyones time. But there are certain cases when that is not the case.
Ori, Mark of the Ninja, Brothers a Tale of two sons, Firewatch, etc.

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jlove4life2102d ago

And sales are half of playstation aND in 2 to 3 yrs nintendo switch may surpass as well but good job on billion hrs played online

aconnellan2102d ago


"It doesn't matter that people are actively playing and enjoying those games, because your console is being outsold!"

Great argument

jrshankill2102d ago

IKR. Some people just don't stop.

I bet he compares his breakfast to console sales.

Nasisbot2102d ago


I bet you checks your breakast if it's 'true' 4k or not.


Goldby2102d ago

dammit Nasisbot, now i want some SpaghettiO's

MagicBeanz2102d ago

Anyone else remember when indies were "garbage" and PlayStation was called "indie station", man how times have changed.

81BX2102d ago

Rofl... you poor little guys don't even enjoy gaming. You just sit there snarffing about the exact same things you do.

KenichiEbina2102d ago

Feel the same way when xbox fanboys play victim card. Hilarious.

MagicBeanz2098d ago

You seem personally bothered by a factual statement.

81BX2097d ago

Both sides do it... so Yeah hearing constant crying bothers me. It's like watching kids argue online.... oh wait

aconnellan2102d ago

I also remember how power and the difference between 900p and 1080p was all that mattered until a few weeks ago.

The point is both 'sides' will always be hypocrites when it suits them

EatCrow2102d ago

Yes but no one here is claiming that indies suddenly matter so much.
Please point me to someone that is.

I havent seen any flip flopping so far.

nevarDcirE2102d ago

After the first few months, PlayStation had Killzone, Knack, and indies. That's where indiestation came from. It wasn't a slight against indies, it was a console with no AAA.

EpacZinga2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

After first few months, xbox had shitty Ryse, crappy DR3, yet another forza and a F2P fighter.. big whoop I guess. Xbox was truly swimming in the sea of amazing AAA games /s

"It wasn't a slight against indies, it was a console with no AAA."

Right, so saying 'I didn't buy my xbox to play freakin' indies' wasn't a slight against indies. Not at all. Who are you trying to fool?

EatCrow2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

That is pretty much why the term came to be.
No longer the case but it was true.

They got back on track on 2016 for me.

Ryse was awesome, DR3 is fun, Forza for racing fans, Mustve not realized Killer Instinct was free to far as I'm aware you gotta buy it. Demo of one character doesnt make the game free buddy.
But you forgot Crimson Dragon for rails shooter with cool dragons...wish they had implemented better systems and controls for the free flight moments
And you forgot D4 for the linear storytelling people. Wish they hadnt implemented kinect like movements in it.

2101d ago
nevarDcirE2101d ago

Titan fall also released early March, Before ps4 got It's next AAA infamous ss.

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EatCrow2102d ago

Still remember. And nothing has changed. This is great but I haven't seen anyone praising this as some miracle or huge awesomeness in the comments so not sure which xbox fans your referring to.

Most indies are still garbage.

2101d ago
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