Ad Banner in Paris Confirms Call Of Duty WWII Release Date

We knew COD:WWII was coming for a while, but having it come in as soon as the end of this year should really delight many fans. After all, the COD franchise really holds a strong player count despite all of the flack. With COD:WWII confirmed, at least many users could now take a deep breath.

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TheColbertinator635d ago

November 3 seems typical. Oter publishers should avoid that release date.

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Snk91635d ago (Edited 635d ago )

It would make perfect sense, if Scorpio comes out just around the same time then. Being that CoD is supposedly one of their showcase games, it would. Make good sense for the New console to release just before.

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2pacalypsenow635d ago

Pretty sure MS cannot advertise Call of duty since they have a deal with Sony, just like they couldn't mention Destiny.

Patriot4Life635d ago

Just curious do we know how long the deal is for?

Activision likes to sleep in bed with who ever gives them the most money.

Krysis635d ago

COD is Sony's casual dude bro shooter

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2pacalypsenow635d ago

"Sony is the casual company of this gen"

Pretty sure they have invested more money on niche games and non casual games than MS, to go along with the 3rd party deals. Cant be a casual console with that broad catalog of titles. Some of their best games are non shooters.

korea09634d ago

Well CoD is still on a timed exclusive with sony so it might not be advertised as much on xbox but if they relase with optimized performance on scorpio maybe it 'could' be another reason to buy the scorpio

81BX634d ago

Depends what the deal says... this is Activision we are talking about. I'm sure they left some sort of weasling way out... like hey we said cod not cod ww2

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Majors635d ago

November Every year !! No surprise there.. At least WW2 therell be no jumping/ flying about shite like the last 4 or so years.

WhiteHawk634d ago

Haven't you heard? It's going to be an alternate reality WW2 where they invented jump boots. :-)

Father__Merrin635d ago

day one purchase for me. i predict a WOW remaster launching with the legecy edition of this game

korea09634d ago

U mean waw? And I dont think theyll be spliting their playerbase by releasing two games of the same timeline

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The story is too old to be commented.