Rez Infinite Creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi to Reflect on Career at Develop:Brighton

The Japanese developer has been in the business for 27 years.

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Lumines PS4 please!




Cord Smith on the dreamy world of indie game Always In Mind

Cord Smith, the former director of marketing for Compulsion Games' well-known title We Happy Few, has gone through quite a change since leaving the studio. This is represented by his new indie platformer Always In Mind, which takes players into a bizarre dream world full of fantasies inside the head of a little boy named Teddy. Sector got the chance to ask the industry veteran a few questions about his inspirations for the game.


The War Within Q&A - WoW Devs Dive Deep Into Every Aspect of the Expansion

Wccftech joined a press roundtable Q&A with Blizzard to learn more about The War Within, World of Warcraft's tenth expansion that is now in Alpha.

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PAX East 2024: Warframe Devstream 178 Q&A With Megan Everett - Lords of Gaming

Devstream 178 was filled with so many cool announcements for the game's community, and were able to ask a lot of questions about Warframe: 1999 and more!

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