Digital Fiasco Episode 29: Beat Takeshi Hates Gamers

Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard talk about the return of "classic" game, Takeshi's Challenge, as well as the dichotomy of profitability versus critical acclaim.

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LordMaim2589d ago

Time codes for The Digital Fiasco Podcast Episode 29: Beat Takeshi Hates Gamers

(1:15) Dandr0id remembers playing games, back in the day.
(2:24) Jack McBastard plays Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
(9:11) Jack McBastard plays Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Game
(14:52) Jack McBastard plays Dreadnought
(20:10) Jack McBastard remembers Shadow of Destiny
(21:58) Jack McBastard plays The Sexy Brutale
(30:04) Discs, Downloads and DLC Highlights
(39:15) Sledgehammer goes back to WWII
(46:58) Yakuza 7?
(51:54) Dmitry Glukhovsky burns Andrzej Sapkowski to the ground
(58:14) Can Tencent take on Steam? WeGame.
(1:04:18) Criterion keeps the hope alive for more VR X-Wing
(1:10:32) 8 year old Bayonetta sells more on PC in a week than Bayonetta 2 did at launch
(1:11:54) Rime's Raúl Rubio cried for 2 days because of NeoGAF
(1:14:06) December 10th, 1986: A day that will live in gaming infamy
(1:22:53) Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons won awards, but that won't pay Starbreeze's bills
(1:33:20) The Options Menu - Near Misses and Second Chances
(1:35:10) Near Misses and Second Chances - Okami
(1:46:10) Near Misses and Second Chances - Battlezone (1998)
(1:57:06) Outtro

mastershredder2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

His dislike goes beyond just gamers it's about tech and disconnect etc. This has been brought up in multiple interviews and articles over the years (Under stage and real name).

I think this would be a good example as to why he has an issue with such things. Tsk Tsk.

LordMaim2587d ago

Well the game is over 30 years old, so it isn't exactly revelatory, but frankly you gotta respect the brass balls the man has in just about any aspect of his life.

JCW20052588d ago

and now look at him in yakuza 6. lel

LordMaim2588d ago

I think its about time. His Yakuza movies are incredible, so its a natural fit for the franchise, and a perfect addition for Kiryu's last adventure.


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Rangerman120813h ago

Thought I was the only one who remembered Trinity lol very underrated


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