June: Will it be Blue Dragon "western" release date?

The news contained in the title seems pretty likely as GameStop, famous American chain of game-shops, "has forecast" that Blue Dragon will hit the American market on the next 5th of June.

In fact, the new and first Mistwalker game, already available in Japan (since the beginning of December), has been inserted in the catalogue near the said date, which is also very near to the one of Bioshock, another exclusive and eagerly awaited title for the Xbox 360.

As usual, Microsoft has not commented the rumour saying that currently the game has no decided date.

It seems we'll have to wait...

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Havince5429d ago

Thatl meen itl be like September or summet in UK. Or maybe never. SOB

Pathetic N4G Website5428d ago

as a mecca for all things related to release dates.


This is as bad as Hey Zeus posting links to and saying the release date is valid.

Not news. Not speculation. Not rumour. It's a placeholder date so the site can take pre-orders, nothing more nothing less.

Pathetic N4G Website5428d ago

That site has the following games down for release on May 1st 2007 :

Burnout 5
Colin McRae : DIRT
Culdcept Saga
Forza Motorsport 2
Lost Odyssey
Sega Rally Revo
Tenchu Z
The Club
The Darkness
The Outsider
The Precursors
Urban Mysteries
World Championship Poker
World Snooker Championship 2007

If you can't count that's a total of 18 games, all coming out on the same day !!!! How cool is that !? NOT AT ALL. It's pathetic and false.

Please stop posting release dates from any games website as fact, just official announcements from the developer or publisher in question. Thankyou.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5428d ago

have ta sell a few organs too pay for all of those games. Anyone need a kidney?

frostbite065428d ago

Well it was June 1st, so the fact that they went through the trouble of changing it may mean something (it wont) so give the poster a break at least