Nintendo Switch games list sees TWO new releases following Wii U Virtual Console update

"THE NINTENDO Switch games list was expanded this week with two new titles, following the recent update concerning the Wii U Virtual Console." - express.co.uk

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masterfox2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Droplets while dying in thirst.

wonderfulmonkeyman2547d ago

Only for those that don't know how to work a faucet.XD

fenome2547d ago

You'd be surprised what some thirsty b@tche$ can do with a hose.

masterfox2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I know right ?, that plumber is an idiot, a sad example of its profession. XD

MVGeneral2547d ago

Lol droplets. Nintendies are scrounging for scraps so desoerately, it's sad really.

Nivekki2547d ago

Wtf does desoerately mean?

Nu2547d ago

So Switch now has dl ability for WiiU games?

2547d ago
XanderZane2547d ago

A Wonder Boy game and an old Fatal Fury game? Whooaa.. I think I'm jealous. /s

Nintendo is desperate to get whatever games they can get their hands on to put on the Switch. Most has been old stuff that no one really cares about.

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IamTylerDurden12548d ago

I'm honestly surprised that one game was enough to move systems. Delaying Zelda and porting it to Switch may turn out to be the single most important decision Nintendo made regarding the Switch. After Wii U and with very few games, weak hardware, horrendous 3rd party support, and a multitude of other Nintendo-centric problems the Switch would have slowly died if it had suffered a poor launch. Reviews weren't even that good for the system, but having a successful launch will ultimately restore ppl's confidence in Nintendo "consoles" it as long as a somewhat steady stream of NEW 1st party games come the system should be a success. But who knows, the two games that are carrying the system are both ports. Zelda is a Wii U port even though they delayed it on Wii U so it would launch at the same time and Mario Kart 8 is a 3 year old Wii U game.

It's amazing that Nintendo was able to circumvent poor planning and management and ultimately be able to pull a couple rabbits out until the actual launch titles are ready. Neither of these two incredibly high rated system sellers were developed as Nintendo Switch games. Not only were they able to bide time until the Splatoons, Marios, and Xenoblades arrive but they are seemingly thriving in the process. Thriving with physical launch titles like 1-2 Switch, Bomberman, and a $40 copy of Binding of Isaac. Besides Zelda that's basically the physical launch lineup, at least at that's what was on display at the store.

Erik73572547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I think the ability to play something Like zelda is on the go is whats selling it.

People have never seen games like this on the go in a portable gaming device like this.

I also like the two controllers out of the box and it looks like I would prefer it for fun co operative indie games

conanlifts2547d ago

Previously the most powerful portable released was the psvita which had a gpu speed of 28 gflops ( 56 @fp16). Switch is immensely more powerful, yet this comparison is never examined. For a portable this console is phenomenal. This is why it is and will sell well.

Happy to supply sources for those that might downvote this comment, or you can simply google " psvita 28gflop gpu".

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Pennywise1382546d ago

It's too true. I didn't expect to use it so much as a portable but the about do play in bed or on the go is huge for someone like me that gets OCD about doing all side quests. It gives me more time to game.

IamTylerDurden12545d ago

Games like Golden Abyss, KZ Merc, AC Liberation are damn impressive.

IamTylerDurden12545d ago


Vita is 6 yrs old and KZ Merc still is more visually impressive than Zelda. Switch is a console as well.

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Testfire2547d ago

1 game wasn't, there are others if you cared to look...

IamTylerDurden12545d ago

1 launch game worth a damn. One game sold the system.

Testfire2545d ago

That's your sad opinion


True I can't stop hearing how good Zelda is though

Zeldafan642547d ago

I've put about 160 hours into it and I'm interested in learning more about the dlc.

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yomfweeee2547d ago

Most systems will sell millions to fan boys alone. Will it continue to sell is the question.

Fist4achin2547d ago

Just wait until a Pokemon is on it then watch the sales numbers start rolling in. In Japan, release another monster hunter and they'll be good to go. People are nuts for those games and they drive some serious sales numbers

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TheColbertinator2547d ago

Come on Nintendo,lets start cooking with gas. Bayonetta 2 on Switch please

sk8ofmnd2547d ago

Im really hoping they show up at e3 to do the damn thing... If they dont i honestly wouldnt be suprised. Nintendo hasnt been the same for me since after the gamecube gen. Was it really asking much in 2017 to have a console that did 1080 60 fps games without breaking a sweat? I suppose ill have to wait until the super switch gen or whatever its called. They went from the wiiu 720-1080p to 720 on a handheld and what 900 p docked? Lmao da fnck. Only one next gen consoles upgrade can get away with that and not be burned at the stakes... The nintendo appologists... How do you manage to be weaker as far as resolution goes from tech uhh 5 years ago??? What a joke

Emme2547d ago

Mario Kart is 1080p60...

richyque2547d ago

A wii u port that looks and plays exactly the same with no improvements on switch at 59.99.

R00bot2546d ago

MK8D has a better framerate, higher resolution, better texture filtering, new characters, new cars, wheels and gliders, and new battle stages while including the DLC by default. It also has had gameplay tweaks such as being able to hold multiple items at once, the new double item boxes, steer assist, etc.
It has so many improvements from MK8. Troll harder.