Breath of the Wild Ruined Open-World Games For Me

Brandon plays plenty of Breath of the Wild and has different thoughts about open-world games

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jlove4life2163d ago

Well written yet i disagree you can play horizon gears witcher etc and caught in the moment of the story that climbing every mountain not necessary something has to be sacrificed while you were climbing how captivating was the story case closed

Aceman182163d ago

I know it hasn't ruined any other open world game for me, as climbing a damn mountain is not that big a damn deal lol.

Zhipp2163d ago

But you didn't play it, so how could you know? ;)

nX2163d ago

I did play Zelda and Horizon recently and think that this goes both ways. Zelda gives you so much diversity when it comes to travel yet you're travelling through empty land most of the time. Horizon on the other hand gives you unparalled action that makes Zelda feel boring at times. Every game has it's strengths and weaknesses so I couldn't really claim that one game ruins another for me. If two games feel too similar I would advise against playing them simultaneously though.

Aceman182162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )


I love it when ppl claim you wouldn't know because you haven't played lol. I own a wiiu plus zelda and no its not that big a damn deal. So dont go telling me anything about i haven't or have played. Damn fanboys are beyond stupid 😞

Uken122162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

The story is actually really good, but I really can't understand what you are actually saying. But the voice acting is so bad that it does take away from the story. Which is unfortunate.
And games like Witcher have too much dialog. It gets boring and becomes a chore. I end up mashing A/X or B (depending on the controller.)

I don't agree with the article. It's a great game with a really good open world and excellent mechanics.

Climbing in Zelda is actually a huge deal. Game mechanics change the way games are played and this will definitely be implemented more into open world games. It actually makes the World more "Open".
You have complete freedom. I can understand what you are saying, because it wouldn't ruin other open world games for me either. But I would like to see other games implement that or a similar mechanic.

jlove4life2161d ago

Honestly I'm only few chapters in but I heard though open and fun compared to other Zelda this story fall short

InTheZoneAC2163d ago

I played Zelda for 8 hours on the wii u the day of release, I then played Horizon for a few weeks until I beat it....

Zelda is fun, but it doesn't make other games feel unworthy of playing.

The 10th Rider2163d ago

I think the big thing for me is just how traversable the world is. It's really difficult for a game to really 'ruin' other games, but when I watch gameplay for some up-and-coming open world games it feels unnecessary when someone has to take the long way around something as simple as a fence, or small hill. Breath of the Wild sets a new standard as to how easy it is to traverse the world and games that make it unnecessarily difficult will stick out even more. I don't think the game will ruin open world games by any means, but I do hope that other devs take note and that games where you spend two minutes making your way around a stupid fence or small hill go the way of the dinosaurs.

Dark_Knightmare22163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Dude what upcoming open world games are you watching where you can't climb a freaking hill or just hop over the fence.

The 10th Rider2163d ago


Well, it's more common in RPGs such as the upcoming Dragon Quest XI, which is my favorite genre. Thankfully in that game you can jump pretty high, but that doesn't prevent things like elevation from lengthening the time it takes you to get somewhere. There's also Dragon Age Inquisition, which had issues. In open world adventure or FPS games it's typically not such a big issue. I'd picked up Skyrim for the first time close to a year ago and it was a big problem (I'd played it plenty of times before, I just never personally owned a copy). I'd make it 90% up a hill only to be stopped by a tiny fraction of terrain that's too steep.

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Bahamut2163d ago

Yeah, same for me except the other way around. Can't seem to pick Horizon back up.

Perjoss2163d ago

Zelda felt really fresh to me, such a great feeling of exploration and it was super polished. Whereas Horizon just felt like a Far Cry game with some nice conversation sections.

iDadio2163d ago

It llooks and plays nothing like a far cry game, judging by that statement I assume your talking sh*t and creating that from images on google because it's so far from even being close to true.

I've played Horizon, loved it.
I've played BotW, enjoyed it but felt it didn't live up to its hype that I got caught up in, felt the game has some issues but was given a free pass because well it's Zelda right.
Played the witcher 3 and for me that is the a better experience than the games above, can't even explain why I just enjoyed the f**k out of it.

Bahamut2159d ago

Yeah, it really did feel like an Ubisoft game. Kinda disappointed.

remixx1162163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

I feel people are over praising this game to a point of ridiculousness, and this is from a sincere Zelda fan.

It's constant comparisons to other games is actually quite tiring.

I feel the physics and art style are the only real things this game excels at. I'm 60 hrs in and I've beaten 3 divine beasts and I must say while the physics are on a whole new level its honestly the weakest Zelda game I've played period.....and I really thought skyward sword was weak.

Journalists keep comparing it the the witch, horizon and skyrim to name a few but everyone's so caught up in the physics that I feel as a Zelda fan the story is abhorrently fragmented and scarce while the boss fights are copy and paste of the same boss over and over with a different weapon each time, you can like 4 shot these guys with attack food. The dungeons can't even be called dungeons (more like glorified shrines and this part hurt me when I beat my first one) and there's only four of them. I haven't fought Ganon yet but even I'm hearing that that portion of the game is the weakest yet.

I got all caught up in the hype and the reviews made it sounds like the greatest game ever yet voice acting, dungeons, story, bosses, combat (piss easy except lynels) dumb ai and backseat sound track are all weak.

The game is fun but after what I've come to expect from a Zelda game its the weakest yet.

StormLegend2163d ago

This!^ it's the weakest Zelda game made IMO. The characters are boring, story is boring, horses are useless, no way to swim underwater, outfits/armor is useless, bosses are super easy and much more. It's a really great game but compared to previous zelda games it's lacking.

C_Ali882163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Zelda 2 or Spirit Tracks, nothing else need be said.

Speaking of Hyperbole... Not Hyrule

nX2163d ago

Fully agree, even though BotW is one of the more enjoyable Zelda games to me I would never give it a 10/10 like many reviewers did, the list of shortcomings is just too long. I think that just like Final Fantasy 15, BotW is a great basis for upcoming games in this series but there's certainly a lot of room for improvement.

StormLegend2163d ago

I disagree, it's not the greatest open word game, it's barley anything to do. The one main thing I do love about BOTW is that you can climb almost anything. Other than that it's lacking in content or things to do in general.

Segata2163d ago

You must have very little imagination. The game is only as limited or as expansive as ones imagination to figure things out.

C_Ali882163d ago

Barley is a grass,....
You can chop grass in Zelda....
But you might want to lay off the grass...

Over 110 hours, theres A LOT to do....

Kabaneri2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

GTA is the best open world game by far. It is the jack of all trades, master of nearly all. No it doesnt have the best story, but in terms of what an open world game is supposed to be in essence: a simulation, GTA is in it's own class with the amount of detail and realism it's world has, as well as it's variety of gameplay activities.

ClayRules20122163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

I agree.

However; I personally rank GTAV's story up their with TLoU ( please don't kill me ) downvotes are acceptable. Lol. The Last of Us is my #1 favorite story in gaming EVER. It's storytelling is "Perfection" in my eyes. GTAV is in my top 5. I remember reading a comment on YT where people were arguing over which game had the better story of 2013 between TLoU & GTAV. It was intense.

I absolutely loved all the conversations Michael, Trevor, and the rest of the cast had, whether it be just driving somewhere, having drinks at the bar etc... I just loved how the conversations, outside of the story cutscenes, were of equal quality.

Anzil2163d ago

Story was amazingly well done Lol

InTheZoneAC2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

GTA story is just as good as my favorite ps exclusives, that game is leagues ahead of every other 3rd party game. Well I shouldn't say every, Witcher 3 and a few others are top notch as well.

Uken122162d ago

Vice City is the best GTA. Rockstar still can't top that one. Best Story, Best Characters, Best Soundtrack, Best Cars, Best Controls, Best Setting, Awesome weapons, The Economic System.

The others are good but aren't as polished as Vice City felt.

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