Is Persona 5 on PS4 actually a 1080p remaster?

John's detailed Persona 5 analysis shows the game's last-gen technical basis - and how well it straddles two console generations.

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FallenAngel19842553d ago

Wouldn't that just mean all multiplats that release on 7th gen and 8th be considered remasters on 8h gen hardware

2553d ago
Nitrowolf22552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I get what they are saying, but its a dumb question. Both released at the same exact time and were worked on at the same time.

Do you call a ps4 version of 1080P multiplat "remastered versions" over the xbox one 900p multiplats? No, you can call it the better version, but its not a "remastered version". Side note so people don't get my comment confused it's not a stab towards Xbox, it's just one of the examples I can think of

Also typically remastered version have perks like all the dlc and/new features

Its a dumb question though

2552d ago
mikeslemonade2551d ago

Cross gen sucks, it ruins the potential of a game.

Generations should be exclusive to each other than a select few of remasters for quality titles and quality remakes.

Bathyj2551d ago

Really Mike? How was this game held back? What groundbreaking game mechanic did they want to introduce but couldnt because the PS3 couldnt handle it? Tired if this notion that more powerful hardware automatically means fantastic impossible worlds not achievable on less capable machines. Its an artist medium, you cant just brute horsepower brilliance, you finesse it.

Btw, the game is sitting on 94 on metacritic. Not that I need that to gauge a games quality but it has not one negative review, not even a mixed one. Not one out of 73 reviews. Not many games can claim that, even the mighty Zelda. So its safe to safe its potential has been fulfilled, even with PS3 holding it back.

mikeslemonade2551d ago

Score could have been higher. The game could have looked better. I see plenty of jaggies even on a 5 inch youtube video screen.

ASBO-52550d ago

No, you don't

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CocoaBrother2553d ago

It's a simultaneous dual-format release, not a remaster - just like Breath of the Wild. And just like Zelda was originally a Wii U game, Persona 5 was originally announced as a PS3 game in 2014.

Liqu1d2553d ago

Exactly. These sites are getting more and more desperate for clicks.

PurpHerbison2552d ago

Breath of the Wild has been ready since the first time they announced the delay. It was to port it to the Switch. Basically a remaster.

Ashlen2552d ago

Who even cares... It's a great game end of story.

ThatGuyDart2552d ago

It'd be the best damn 1080p remaster I've ever played in my life lol

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