Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: The Truth About What To Expect

There has been a lot of misinterpretation by the media and consumers alike regarding the recently announced Xbox Scorpio specs and how it compares to the PS4 Pro. I've been hearing things like "Xbox Scorpio's massive power advantage..." or "the Xbox Scorpio specs blow the PS4 Pro's specs away..." etc which is not true. There is no question that the Scorpio will have more raw horsepower than the PS4 Pro, but if the reveal by Digital Foundry told us one thing, it's that the Xbox Scorpio is not a radical departure in hardware from the current consoles on the market.

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skydragoonityx2418d ago

The truth is that the Pro will as usual pump out great spectacular looking games. While the scorpio is a very powerful console.

freshslicepizza2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

so according to you games like red dead redemption 2 dont really count because they aren't exclusive? what a weird place this is where all the attention seems to be on exclusives. but let me know when crackdown 3, state of decay 2, and sea of thieves comes to the pro.

the truth is this, the pro will pump out great looking games while scorpio will pump out even better looking games and perhaps better performance as well.

DrumBeat2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I've always thought that Sony's first party studios squeeze the Playstation hardware better than Microsoft's first party studios squeeze the Xbox One's.

Third party games on Scorpio may look better, but will Microsoft's first parties be able to trump Sony's? I don't think so. Even with a better GPU and more RAM.

Elda2417d ago

I have a Pro & I wouldn't want any of those XBO exclusives on the Pro because they look absolutely uninteresting.The Pro may be a little underwhelming of the Scorpio when it comes to power but exclusives is what makes a console & so far I'm with the console that's been having the best & fun exclusives so far.I'm curious what XBO will be showing this year but if it's the same boring stuff they've been showing in the past I'll pass like I've been doing.

Death2417d ago


That is a great point. What some people don't understand is there are gamers that aren't interested in most of Sony exclusives just like gamers like you don't like Xbox exclusives. The people that aren't interested in the Sony exclusives that enjoy Microsoft exclusives not only have the games they want, but much more documented power, services and of course access to free b/c with their older library of games with enhancements.

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343_Guilty_Spark2417d ago

Better performance is a forgone conclusion. It will perform substantially better.

ShadowKnight2417d ago


Needs more than 3rd party games. E3 is almost here for Microsoft.😁

LexHazard792417d ago

What 343i did with Halo 4 on Xbox 360 was great...
Both Forza series are great as well...
Gears looks good, Recore, QB... Im sure with the extra power you're gonna see some good competition from MS 1P in the looks department.
Thats not to say that Sonys 1p arent great, but theyve had some great hardware to work with in PS3 and PS4.

I know that on the original Xbox 1P games looked awesome. So did 3rd party. Dont think Sony studios are the only ones with talent.

WickedLester2416d ago

Oh look, it's the Xbox defense force.

SonyAddict2416d ago

You are stale moldybread!

krypt19832416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

@DBD somebody hasn't seen gears4k or horizon 3 4k such a shame, and turn 10s open world new ip people seem forget about that. The pro will look great but it won't look great and support 60fps scropio will facts.
@rico none of those games have been announced play anywhere even though i image sea of thieves will because its more of a service then a game

Masta Kaos2416d ago

Multiplatform games will pay the same on PS4 and Scorpio reason being 50 Million PS4 Consoles sold.

Markusb332416d ago

The problem is you can't convince a Sony fan that Scorpio is amazing and the same for an xbox fan. Thing is u don't have any interest in xb exclusives, the reason I bought ps4 was for their studios and continued content. All this arguing for me us just words. Scorpio can do anything it can and I'll be happy playing the games on the system I bought. No stress no worries.

REDGUM2416d ago

Stop mentioning games with numbers after it...
Crackdown 3
State of decay 2
Why not add a halo or gears of war to your list. Wheres the intelegence to add new IP's or games in general?
They are getting boring to listen to those titles anymore.
Where's your answer to Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Nier Automata, Days gone?

Sure we could go down the path of mentioning...
Uncharted games
The lost legacy
Killzone games
The last of us

But we dont.need to keep mentioning them as we are moving forward not sideways & repetitive.

freshslicepizza2416d ago

@Masta Kaos
"Multiplatform games will pay the same on PS4 and Scorpio reason being 50 Million PS4 Consoles sold."

really? so according to you there are 50 million ps4 pro systems out there since games like battlefield one play better and look better on the pro compared to the regular ps4? sorry to tell you the bad news, even the original xbox got better multiplat games and that had far less systems than the ps2.

"Stop mentioning games with numbers after it...Why not add a halo or gears of war to your list. Wheres the intelegence to add new IP's or games in general?"

speaking of "INTELEGENCE" , is sea of thieves too long for you to type or is the word intelligence too hard?

Kribwalker2416d ago

You do realize nier automatica is a sequel to a multiplat game.and the other games, not everyone's interested in souls knock offs. Horizon is pretty good, I'm playing through that right now.

Well we have already been confirmed the new mordor will play best on the Scorpio so your statement is false

vegasgamerdawg2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Welcome to N4G where fanBOY's flock to their confirmation bias. "The Truth About What To Expect"- Opinion piece.(Opinion-a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge...LMFAO!)<-----Yo u've got to be stupid not seeing the red flags before reading the article. Fanboys went right to work, I grantee it. According to the N4G fanBOY fantasy made up rules, if a game is on PC it's not an exclusive. Now that PS Now is playing Ps4 games, Ps4 will no longer has exclusives. How can they use the same
argument? You're arguing with deranged children brainwashed from TV and their own confirmation bias. Give up.
"Scorpio is console hardware pushed to a new level"-Opinion and analysis from Digital Foundry's Rich Leadbetter.

I'll paraphrase then I'll leave a link for the delusional fanBOYs. CUrrent hardware fixes bottlencks the PS4 don't. Making the same hardware more powerful. REALITY. Take the articles on N4G with a grain of salt, most are for children not wanting their bubble world burst. http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...

InTheZoneAC2416d ago

give me a list of interesting xbox exclusives...

REDGUM2415d ago

Where's the intelligence you ask?
You one title of, & this is just for you here SEA OF THIEVES 'v' 6 titles that i mentioned.
1 'v' 6. I know which system I'd like to play on.

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DigitalRaptor2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

It baffles me that every single time I come back here, I see moldybread literally putting words in other peoples mouths to defend Xbox. It's equivalent to lying, either that or he's just plain awful at comprehension. Exactly nothing this person said relates to what he's harping on about in defence of Scorpio. What does that really tell you?

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ArmrdChaos2417d ago

There is some irony for you. =)

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LexHazard792417d ago

The Scorpio is gonna pump out greater spectacular looking games because its very powerful.

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Rude-ro2416d ago

They will be pumping out Xbox one games. Period.
One game, aspects of it dialed up for 4k.
Just like how the pro dials up PS4 games.
Do you truly believe it will be anything else?
If the developers have to make Xbox one games, those versions are the ones getting boosted.

Suwarbox12416d ago

Ps4's firty games will look better than MS' first party games, I bet on that.

2416d ago
krypt19832416d ago

Wrong sony will kill themselves if they even consider launch ps5 Sooner then 2020.

2416d ago
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Xb1ps42416d ago

E3 is going to explode when ms announces they purchased rockstar games

2416d ago
Dark_Knightmare22416d ago

Lol if you're going to dream and be delusional may as well do it big

Xb1ps42416d ago


Having rockstar as a first party wouldn't exactly be shit now would it... or would they all of the sudden be shit because it's a ms first party?!

2416d ago
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Aenea2416d ago

Would even explode more when Sony announces they bought CD Project Red!

See how stupid that is???

Ashlen2416d ago

You know Rockstar is owned by Take-Two, right?