Xbox Scorpio vs PS4 Pro: The Truth About What To Expect

There has been a lot of misinterpretation by the media and consumers alike regarding the recently announced Xbox Scorpio specs and how it compares to the PS4 Pro. I've been hearing things like "Xbox Scorpio's massive power advantage..." or "the Xbox Scorpio specs blow the PS4 Pro's specs away..." etc which is not true. There is no question that the Scorpio will have more raw horsepower than the PS4 Pro, but if the reveal by Digital Foundry told us one thing, it's that the Xbox Scorpio is not a radical departure in hardware from the current consoles on the market.

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skydragoonityx2056d ago

The truth is that the Pro will as usual pump out great spectacular looking games. While the scorpio is a very powerful console.

freshslicepizza2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

so according to you games like red dead redemption 2 dont really count because they aren't exclusive? what a weird place this is where all the attention seems to be on exclusives. but let me know when crackdown 3, state of decay 2, and sea of thieves comes to the pro.

the truth is this, the pro will pump out great looking games while scorpio will pump out even better looking games and perhaps better performance as well.

DrumBeat2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

I've always thought that Sony's first party studios squeeze the Playstation hardware better than Microsoft's first party studios squeeze the Xbox One's.

Third party games on Scorpio may look better, but will Microsoft's first parties be able to trump Sony's? I don't think so. Even with a better GPU and more RAM.

Elda2055d ago

I have a Pro & I wouldn't want any of those XBO exclusives on the Pro because they look absolutely uninteresting.The Pro may be a little underwhelming of the Scorpio when it comes to power but exclusives is what makes a console & so far I'm with the console that's been having the best & fun exclusives so far.I'm curious what XBO will be showing this year but if it's the same boring stuff they've been showing in the past I'll pass like I've been doing.

Death2055d ago


That is a great point. What some people don't understand is there are gamers that aren't interested in most of Sony exclusives just like gamers like you don't like Xbox exclusives. The people that aren't interested in the Sony exclusives that enjoy Microsoft exclusives not only have the games they want, but much more documented power, services and of course access to free b/c with their older library of games with enhancements.

2055d ago
343_Guilty_Spark2055d ago

Better performance is a forgone conclusion. It will perform substantially better.

ShadowKnight2055d ago


Needs more than 3rd party games. E3 is almost here for Microsoft.😁

LexHazard792055d ago

What 343i did with Halo 4 on Xbox 360 was great...
Both Forza series are great as well...
Gears looks good, Recore, QB... Im sure with the extra power you're gonna see some good competition from MS 1P in the looks department.
Thats not to say that Sonys 1p arent great, but theyve had some great hardware to work with in PS3 and PS4.

I know that on the original Xbox 1P games looked awesome. So did 3rd party. Dont think Sony studios are the only ones with talent.

WickedLester2055d ago

Oh look, it's the Xbox defense force.

SonyAddict2055d ago

You are stale moldybread!

krypt19832055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

@DBD somebody hasn't seen gears4k or horizon 3 4k such a shame, and turn 10s open world new ip people seem forget about that. The pro will look great but it won't look great and support 60fps scropio will facts.
@rico none of those games have been announced play anywhere even though i image sea of thieves will because its more of a service then a game

Masta Kaos2055d ago

Multiplatform games will pay the same on PS4 and Scorpio reason being 50 Million PS4 Consoles sold.

Markusb332055d ago

The problem is you can't convince a Sony fan that Scorpio is amazing and the same for an xbox fan. Thing is u don't have any interest in xb exclusives, the reason I bought ps4 was for their studios and continued content. All this arguing for me us just words. Scorpio can do anything it can and I'll be happy playing the games on the system I bought. No stress no worries.

REDGUM2055d ago

Stop mentioning games with numbers after it...
Crackdown 3
State of decay 2
Why not add a halo or gears of war to your list. Wheres the intelegence to add new IP's or games in general?
They are getting boring to listen to those titles anymore.
Where's your answer to Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Nier Automata, Days gone?

Sure we could go down the path of mentioning...
Uncharted games
The lost legacy
Killzone games
The last of us

But we dont.need to keep mentioning them as we are moving forward not sideways & repetitive.

freshslicepizza2054d ago

@Masta Kaos
"Multiplatform games will pay the same on PS4 and Scorpio reason being 50 Million PS4 Consoles sold."

really? so according to you there are 50 million ps4 pro systems out there since games like battlefield one play better and look better on the pro compared to the regular ps4? sorry to tell you the bad news, even the original xbox got better multiplat games and that had far less systems than the ps2.

"Stop mentioning games with numbers after it...Why not add a halo or gears of war to your list. Wheres the intelegence to add new IP's or games in general?"

speaking of "INTELEGENCE" , is sea of thieves too long for you to type or is the word intelligence too hard?

Kribwalker2054d ago

You do realize nier automatica is a sequel to a multiplat game.and the other games, not everyone's interested in souls knock offs. Horizon is pretty good, I'm playing through that right now.

Well we have already been confirmed the new mordor will play best on the Scorpio so your statement is false

vegasgamerdawg2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Welcome to N4G where fanBOY's flock to their confirmation bias. "The Truth About What To Expect"- Opinion piece.(Opinion-a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge...LMFAO!)<-----Yo u've got to be stupid not seeing the red flags before reading the article. Fanboys went right to work, I grantee it. According to the N4G fanBOY fantasy made up rules, if a game is on PC it's not an exclusive. Now that PS Now is playing Ps4 games, Ps4 will no longer has exclusives. How can they use the same
argument? You're arguing with deranged children brainwashed from TV and their own confirmation bias. Give up.
"Scorpio is console hardware pushed to a new level"-Opinion and analysis from Digital Foundry's Rich Leadbetter.

I'll paraphrase then I'll leave a link for the delusional fanBOYs. CUrrent hardware fixes bottlencks the PS4 don't. Making the same hardware more powerful. REALITY. Take the articles on N4G with a grain of salt, most are for children not wanting their bubble world burst.

InTheZoneAC2054d ago

give me a list of interesting xbox exclusives...

REDGUM2054d ago

Where's the intelligence you ask?
You one title of, & this is just for you here SEA OF THIEVES 'v' 6 titles that i mentioned.
1 'v' 6. I know which system I'd like to play on.

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DigitalRaptor2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

It baffles me that every single time I come back here, I see moldybread literally putting words in other peoples mouths to defend Xbox. It's equivalent to lying, either that or he's just plain awful at comprehension. Exactly nothing this person said relates to what he's harping on about in defence of Scorpio. What does that really tell you?

2055d ago
ArmrdChaos2055d ago

There is some irony for you. =)

2055d ago
LexHazard792055d ago

The Scorpio is gonna pump out greater spectacular looking games because its very powerful.

2055d ago
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Rude-ro2055d ago

They will be pumping out Xbox one games. Period.
One game, aspects of it dialed up for 4k.
Just like how the pro dials up PS4 games.
Do you truly believe it will be anything else?
If the developers have to make Xbox one games, those versions are the ones getting boosted.

Suwarbox12055d ago

Ps4's firty games will look better than MS' first party games, I bet on that.

2055d ago
krypt19832055d ago

Wrong sony will kill themselves if they even consider launch ps5 Sooner then 2020.

2055d ago
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Xb1ps42055d ago

E3 is going to explode when ms announces they purchased rockstar games

2055d ago
Dark_Knightmare22055d ago

Lol if you're going to dream and be delusional may as well do it big

Xb1ps42055d ago


Having rockstar as a first party wouldn't exactly be shit now would it... or would they all of the sudden be shit because it's a ms first party?!

2055d ago
2055d ago
Aenea2055d ago

Would even explode more when Sony announces they bought CD Project Red!

See how stupid that is???

Ashlen2054d ago

You know Rockstar is owned by Take-Two, right?

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TheCommentator2055d ago

The truth is actually unknown, but the interviews about the tech in Scorpio and the Forza 6 demo seem to contradict the "truth" of this opinion piece.

iDadio2055d ago

Because as it stands we have no 'truth', so far we have impressive specs and some nice sounding optimisations capable of some meaty graphical output.

What we don't know however is how well used this will be. We know Scorpio ain't getting exclusives so it could potentially get hampered by the X1 versions, potentially.

The question mark that needs answering is are devs going to go to the effort of creating higher graphical fidelity assets for a console user base that will be under 2 percent of total? As a PC gamer I sadly know all about developers pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Time will tell, until then it'll be mass downplaying by Sony fans (wether it be jealousy or brand loyalty) arguing with with Xbots who lap up the PR talk with having 0 technical understanding and throw garbage out like all games will be better.

S2Killinit2054d ago

Exactely. I dont think it would turn out to be a wise decision to pick scorpio for mere power.

PrinceOfAnger2054d ago

So forza horizon 3 and gears 4 isn't great spectacular looking games? What about battlefront 2 red dead redemption 2 middle earth shadow of war ? And if you count the order as Great" then Quantum break and ryse are great spectacular looking games too!.

SaltyyBae2054d ago

Gears 4 looks garbage. Have you even seen those shitty ass looking character models. Lol. Uc4 makes that game look like a joke

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theXtReMe12056d ago

Great article that hits the nail on the head. Though, the real difference will come from the extra memory in the Scorpio. Around 8GB of which can be used for higher resolution textures, compared to the Pros 5.5GBs that is usable by developers. Though, its up to developers to use that extra memory and power. Which most third parties will probably go the way of the Pro and offer just resolution boosts, with extra fps from the better CPU.

Overall, the Scorpio will be the more powerful machine... though, we may not see that difference unless Microsoft pays a third party to specifically use that power, or a game is made specifically for it by one of its first party houses. Which is where Sony has the advantage, due to the number of first party devs it owns.

I own a Pro and will probably pass on the Scorpio. Though, that will depend on the games and Sonys target date for the PS5. I already have a big enough backlog on the PS4 and Pro, So, I cant imagine having two systems.

The good thing for gamers is, no matter which you own... you are going to be seeing some amazing games this fall and winter.

Bigpappy2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I must say you guys make me smile. I hope Sony has a plan B or you guys are going
to tryingto defend pro for the next three years. That's
not going to be easy.

The differences are really much bigger than the numbers. The number are already large. RAM is the least of pro's bottle necks when put against the Scorpio

theXtReMe12056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I was commending the Scorpio, while still remaining unbiased. You just made it abundantly obvious who "you guys" actually are.

DigitalRaptor2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

You guys have been making me smile all generation. Biggest flip-floppers of all time I reckon. I think at least Sony fans are not going to lie about Scorpio games looking or performing better, or not hold onto desperate PR for 3 years and write conspiracy theories about the "biased media", like Xbros have. Most of the criticism you guys are looking to offset is hilariously misplaced since designing a console that "doesn't target the highest end graphics" and thus not reaching an industry standard 1080p in 2013, is what got people wound up and ready to go after MS:

4K is not quite ready for prime time, yet it's certainly not laughable not to present sub-4K games in 2017 vs. sub-1080p games in 2013. There's no real grounds to compare the scenarios here, because the point of contention was not as it was a few years ago and with the struggle to reach 1080p.

The reality of the situation is that Scorpio will give a lot of people a new found sense of confidence, but no greater number of new platform-defining exclusive games for the rest of this gen. PS4 really does have the games that make the greater impression, whether they're multiplatform or not. I think deep down you know this, but that sensible place in your brain has been occupied by rabid thoughts of mocking Sony fans for having less impressive looking multiplatform games for the next 2-3 years, on a relatively small % of total consoles sold. Even then, there's no guarantee that third-parties will not choose to optimise their games for the Pro, or at all considering there is no support mandate for either of these mid-gen pieces of hardware.

@ theXtReMe1

Bigpappy has a history of well... you know.

JackBNimble2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Ya know Pappy
Guy's like you make me laugh, you praise something that is so far nothing more then hype. Sure you got some big numbers to play with and I am sure Scorpio will be a fine running console. But guy's like you continuely run off at the mouth with this fantasy that Scorpio is going to blow everything away, funny thing is everyone did the samething with ps4 pro.

You guy's need to learn to curb your imaginary expectations until the dam thing is released or until you have actual bench marks and comparisons, because you are only setting yourself up for disappointment with your higher then reality expectations.

Cuzzo632055d ago

Defend it for what... We are all happy with the PS4. No shortage of games. Variety of games. And One of the top 1st party supported systems out behind Nintendo. At the end of the day. Scorpio wont out sell Ps4. Wont help the lagging behind what so ever. Sony has took the market share and ran with it. Specs wont make it sell. Im sorry. You guys are getting really ridiculous with these comments

objdadon2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Lol, with the games already here and on the way for the pro, it definitely doesn't need "defending."

LexHazard792055d ago

@Cuzzo, if ya so happy with the PS4,
why ya so miserable on Xbox the forums?

Scorpio is gonna be awesome devs even former sony head saying it 😂

2055d ago
Dark_Knightmare22055d ago

Lol dude just like Xbox fanboys think every og x1 owner is going to upgrade to a mid gen console that their treating as a next gen console and the second coming. I mean it's sad when Xbox fanboys willfully discard their own fellow console owners who in the grand scheme of things get screwed the worst since it will go Scorpio,ps pro,PS4 then x1.

Allsystemgamer2055d ago

I thought graphics and resolution didn't matter there bigpappy.

Sony ponies are annoying but xbots are complete hypocrites. You'll say one thing when it doesn't favour you but when it does you all flock around it like a pack of starving gulls.

It's a console that's exclusives are on another platform. The only thing it's going to do is play 3rd party games better than the pro.

Whoopee do. I already have a pc that's way stronger than the Scorpio. Please try and tell me why I should get one.

Markusb332055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

3rd party can't ignore ps4 install base. Providing the games keep coming why care whats going on with a platform you don't own ? There is nothing to defend here, I prefer Sony studios that's why I bought ps4. I loved my 360 and ps3 and while 360 had better running 3rd party it had no effect on me enjoying ps3 and in the end sales for ps3 were great for Sony. Will the casual buy Scorpio ? Xb install base is less than half of ps4, most Scorpio sales will be upgrades so install base may not increase massively. I can't see it reaching 70 million like ps4. Again who cares so long as the games keep coming.

Whatever2342054d ago

Defend??? What is there to defend.History shows wich company is to be trusted with games and diversity and how long of a life the console has.Can't dispute facts,sorry.

Ashlen2054d ago

No one has to defend PS4 as long as they keep pumping out fantastic exclusives.

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tmisellati2055d ago

this --> " I already have a big enough backlog on the PS4 and Pro, So, I cant imagine having two systems. "

2054d ago
2054d ago
Cuzzo632055d ago

So you guys are gonna act like the Power of Cloud was the end all for Sony... Now wat happened to it again?...

Cryptcuzz2055d ago

Didn't MS say that the power of the cloud would make the Xbox One three times more powerful, or something along that line? Lol

2055d ago
Allsystemgamer2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

See. The thing is IN THEORY the cloud works. The problem is unless everyone has gig internet speeds it's unusable. It CAN work. We're just not there yet.

Plus the delay. There is travel time. The inputs need to be sent to the cloud. The cloud then needs to calculate and send it back. That's 3. It's not instant.

MS really screwed themseles with that one.

Markusb332055d ago

Power of the cloud was a game changer ! It's like promising 3 year old things to keep them quiet and hope in time they forget.

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GamingIVfun2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Guess what people, the PS4 slim is still selling better than the PS4 Pro and is also outselling the Xbox One S everywhere in the world most every month. The PS4 Pro is selling pretty good also but you have the same great games on both. Consumers purchases are showing people buy the consoles based on the best games and services, more so than based on system specs. People are buying the PS4 Slim more also because of price, so for most if the games look and play virtually identical to the higher specced system they will choose the cheaper alternative (PS4 Slim) and that is with the PS4 Pro only being a hundred dollars more. The average mass market consumer isn't counting pixels and don't care about FPS as long as the games run perceivably smooth.

The differences between the way games play and look on consoles and PC's (even high end PC's) are not leaps and bounds in difference as it is, the average consumer doesn't notice the difference and even if they do it is not enough of a difference that they are willing to spend more money.

4k is not the huge difference on a large screen at normal distances that some would have you believe, where 4k makes a difference is with screens you sit closer to (2 to 3 feet from) like computer monitors.PC gaming enthusiast care about that more than the average consumer who buys video game consoles, PC gaming enthusiast are willing to pay for that and spend huge amounts of money for their PC to achieve this (even so that market is not a huge market) .

Example: I have a PC with specs much higher than what the Xbox Scorpio has, probably more than twice what Xbox Scorpio has, cost me lots of money to build it, most modern graphically intense games I cannot run at 4k 60 fps, most modern games I cannot run at 4k 30fps, I have 40 gigs of very fast ram and have more than enough compute horsepower to cover the system over head that pc's have, system and GPU combined and can't do 4k gaming consistently well. True 4k for the most part is not ready for prime time, even on high end very expensive PC's, only the most expensive multi GPU systems can do 4k well and even those have problems on occasion.

Xbox Scorpio is going to be the most powerful console at a price, that comes no where close to a high end PC that can't do 4k well, and even if it could, it would not make the huge difference in the gaming experience that fanboys are over hyping themselves and other to believe.

Xbox Scorpio may not sell the 20plus million difference this gen they are behind the PS4.

Microsoft should have waited till the next gen to try and introduce true 4k gaming. I am pretty sure that Xbox Scorpio gaming will not show enough of an advantage over current systems to make a big difference in the market place. PS4 Pro might not been the best decision either, but it is affordable for them to make and sell for a profit while still being affordable to consumers. I doubt Xbox Scorpio is going to be both profitable and reasonably priced for consumers.

Even if Xbox Scorpio is somewhat of a success, I think it will be short lived, even if they make some interesting exclusives for it, I don't think it's enough. PS4 already has a huge lineup of exclusive games announced and they also have a huge lineup of great third party console exclusives, PS4 has more support from developers than Xbox and I think that is going to grow even more.

Xbox Scorpio isn't going to hurt PS4 or Sony at all, and weather it's going to be a huge success for Microsoft, well..... we'll see.

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stuna12056d ago

You want the truth? "You can't handle the truth!" In the voice of Jack Nickolson

2054d ago
KingKionic 2056d ago

Lol why do these guys keep limiting Scorpios worth?

There will be a clear difference in the way games run and look regardless next to the pro.

Third parties too will use the ease of use for games it's all been discussed by digital foundry,Gears of war and Forza devs.

This isn't like a conspiracy or nothing so why is this guy downplaying stuff?

History shows if there's a technical advantage there for a console it will be shown.

christocolus2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Well said. Definitely getting Scorpio. Can't wait for E3. This fall will be interesting. RDR2, COD, BF2, SOT, SOD2, Crackdown 3 and FM7. Hopefully we'll get an Ori2 announcement at E3.

Also Hajime Tabata (FFXV director) and his team were at Turn10 yesterday. I'm thinking they needed help optimizing their engines for Scorpio or maybe they've been working together on something else?

Bigpappy2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

With nothing but negative attitudes, towards Xbox, it is nice to see a big publisher like square stay firmly with brand. I will be sure to pickup ffXV on Scorpio

2055d ago
2054d ago
objdadon2055d ago

Lol, we shall see exactly how big of a "difference" there will be when digital foudry themselves said they couldn't tell the difference between checkerboard 4k and native 4k without being right up against the screen lol.

BigWan782055d ago


Do u know the difference between resolution and graphics...

4k resolution is 4K no latter how u slice it... but graphical fidelity is something that can be be seen and major differences in...

Also: digital foundry also said they cant see a single scenario where a game will look better on PS4PRO either... but i guess that had to be left out to defend ur argument

GamingIVfun2055d ago

It won't make any difference with the fanboys, they could nearly make a living with the amount of excuses and moving goal post they do. Cloud gaming, DirectX 12, Ultra Blu-Ray Drive, overhyping the amount and quality of games unrealistically (Microsoft and fanboys), Backwards compatibility, none of that has made a real difference for the platform or to the average consumer.

Microsoft has done a mediocre job with Xbox this gen, Xbox Scorpio alone is not going to make the situation any better.

iDadio2055d ago


Im sure he does know the difference, however you seem to imply that developers will go to the effort of creating higher level assets for a <3% portion of the console users - not exactly a given is it. Im a PC gamer with a rig more than capable of trumping the Scorpio but I still have to put up with shoddy developers :(

Imagine if there was a parity clause now, people would completely lose their s**t.

BigWan782055d ago


and they dont have to "win" a console war... xbox has to only prove itself to microsoft management and shareholders...

playstation has to win... or the sony we know will become a distant memory... look how much sony has changed from the launch of ps4 to now...

objdadon2055d ago

Lol @BigWan78 of course i know the difference. I also know the difference in 1st party studios actually getting the most out of hardware and 3rd party parity also. And i guess you didn't hear digital foundry say that power is one thing but sony has talented studios that create spectacular looking games like horizon zero dawn. I could care less but I'm willing to bet there will never be a game on the scorpio that looks better than the upcoming god of war.

BigWan782055d ago

@iDiado have u not been paying attention?.. there is NO effort for a Scopio variant of the game.. thats the beauty of the device. devs can get to native 4K resolution within days to a week. no matter the engine. that way they have a ton more time to spend on optimizatins (graphics, controles, etc)

@objdadon and im willing to bet they could remix an older title like Quantum Break and it would be on par if not better looking than God of War...I have a PS4Pro and have Uncharted 4 & Horizon:ZD. both look amazing on my Sammy KS8500, and something tells me both will be surpassed [graphically] come E3 2017

iDadio2055d ago

A severe lack of technical knowledge and delusion confirmed.

Your real answer is that yes I have been paying attention, but unlike people like you I have been paying attention to the bigger picture not just disregarding everything so far and sucking on the Scorpio teet.

And before you disregard my comment as some ms hater or Sony fanboy let me assure you it isn't the case, I'm a PC player so all this 'get your teraflop sized knob out and compare' console arguements don't wash. Just tired of naive misinformation being taken as gospel round here.

BigWan782054d ago


If u think im only thinking about Flops... ur way off base.

Im thinking about every engine out and every game thats out put through 30K simulations each...

And i love how PC players brag about PC, and then proceed to show that they have the slightest clue on how it all works... PC's always have for the most part, brute force their way through games. Easy development tools on PC is a big plus, but PC's have NEVER used resources in meaningful and efficient ways.

You come up here, and try to berate and belittle... just because someone says they are a Pc player, am i just suppose to assume they know how it works...

iDadio2054d ago


No your not supposed to assume that, but I'm a Computer science teacher so it's not only my hobby but my job so I know my fair share on the subject.

And you misunderstand, the fact I'm a PC player doesn't give me a superiority complex when it's common knowledge consoles can do more with less due to being a one dimensional piece of hardware. My point however is that people are under the impression that all devs will be on this Scorpio war machine when reality is that Scorpio users will be an absolute minority and not worth the time or effort. Increasing resolution and frames will have a big impact I don't question that (I myself downplayed the difference a 2k monitor would make a few years ago until I saw it in action and was removing egg from my face for months) but to make a game truly superior is needs better assets whether that be models or textures but that is effort on the devs part for a small minority of the install base.

Think people need to realise that if the multiplats have higher res or frames instead of actual graphical fidelity then it will be a disservice for the adopters given the price.

I ain't trying to belittle, n4g touches a nerve because some comments are ludicrous.