Download: The Suffering [Full Free Game]

Steven Wong of Big Download writes:

"Love free stuff? Then check out The Suffering, a survival horror shooter from 2004. In it, you play as an inmate named Torque held at a maximum security prison. Turns out, there were some gruesome experiments and executions held there, fueling the dark forces that are taking over now. Did we also mention that you can transform into a giant, rampaging monster? This game has it all, and it's available now - complete and totally free to play."

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Cajun Chicken4384d ago

Yeah, THATS what I'm talkin' about!

A HiFi4384d ago

One of the most original stories in years. I love this game and I definitely recommend it.

NarutoSoul4384d ago

Too bad it has a virus... avast! Antivirus says it's infected with Win32:JunkPoly

LikAChicken4384d ago

does it really have one though?

LikAChicken4384d ago

For so many years I was never a horror game fan because Resident Evil 2 scared the crap outa of me when I was younger.

However the two games that officially made me love this genre is Doom3 and The Suffering. Stories with can never go wrong with that. (Sadly I have to pass on Dead Space for now)

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