Digital sales now represent 74% of the US game market

Digital has been accounting for a bigger and bigger portion of the sales total each year, and in 2016 that portion was 74%, including full game digital downloads, subscriptions, DLC, mobile and social.

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Thatguy-3102553d ago

Big impact on digital sales come from smart devices like phones and tablets.

343_Guilty_Spark2553d ago

Pretty sure this is consoleand PC

TFJWM2553d ago

It says right there it includes mobile and social...don't even need to click the article

indyman77772553d ago

Your right TFJWM it is even including DLC! LOL. Wow. Not even close to what they are tricking people into thinking. They are really tricking people into ASSUMING which is 99% of marketing.

Ron_Danger2553d ago

Pretty sure you forgot how many people downloaded Pokémon Go and Mario Run.

Including mobile and DLC downloads for this "study" is so misleading as well, especially since the article tags only show console and PC.

Unspoken2552d ago

According to a few Sony fans it is impossible for digital sales to even exist.

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EatCrow2553d ago

As the description already suggests. That doesn't negate the numbers though.
Only 26% is phsyical

indyman77772553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Your math is assuming that the other 74 percent is CONSOLE it is NOT.

Still not a CONSOLE number. It is a count of all kinds of things like. CELL PHONE DOWN LOADS (there are BILLIONS OF THEM). Tablets (OVER A BILLION) LAPTOPS (BILLIONS), PC's BILLIONS Then the small number of consoles (less than a 100 million so far).


Tablet over 1 billion as of 2015

Also there are billions of LAPTOPS

Also there are BILLIONS of DESKTOPS

You can look those up yourself if you dont believe it.

Not just steam

EatCrow2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

For the last time I'm aware of all of that.
And it's not my math.

You just sound insecure right now.

XanderZane2552d ago

Not when it's game consoles only, it's not. Physical is a lot higher for game console only platforms.

Kribwalker2553d ago

I'm about 90% digital for console games. Game share is just to good to pass up

XanderZane2552d ago

I'm about 25% digital and it's mostly Indie games and the FREE PSPlus & GWG games we get every month. Everything else I buy physical. I won't pay more then $30 for a digital game.

darthv722553d ago

I prefer physical for the collector aspect but i do enjoy digital for its convenience. I just wish that they would price the digital games at least 10% lower than their physical versions. the more the better but at least 10% is a start.

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sonarus2553d ago

They won't price digital lower because it will negatively impact physical sales which retail partners will frown upon. Same way movies have to be on DVD for a certain amount of time before it shows up on digital media. Sucks

babadivad2553d ago

It' been literally years since I bought a disc.

Athos2553d ago

Anyone who games on PC hasnt. Personally its been about 10 years for me on PC that I havent bought a disc. Console is only now beginning to wake up to digital is better. In fact, I will go so far as to say that except for the X1 plan of checking in every 24 hours it was a great idea for digital.

indyman77772553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Woke up? Last time I checked they dont take PC games for trade in and they have NO value. It you had a real plug and play system people could trade in PC games and get credit for it. If it was bad on Console like it is on PC it would be better on console too. Be thank goodness it isn't. I have FFVII discs on PC NOTHING will play them. Still works on my old playstation.

Haven't even talked about PRICE on PC. Prices drop like a ROCK. Is it only because of the pirating?

wait until you have to pay full price or MORE for digital like people had to when this gen first came out in some countries.

XanderZane2552d ago

Do they still sell phyiscal copies of PC games? I haven't bought a physical PC game in like 6 years. I think the last one I bought was StarCraft 2 or a WoW expansion. Can't remember.

blackblades2553d ago

For me I would love to get the collectors but they are to pricy but I do like getting the physical of games that I like. Other then that it's cheaper to do digital considering these days you can get the deluxe/ultimate that includes the season pass all for $20.

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Tetsujin2553d ago

I prefer physical, unless it's a game I know 100% I'm going to keep for a long, long time. I also hate how digital costs about the same as physical with no incentive, outside maybe a background (yea, right), or something else no one cares about. If digital was cheaper I'd be more inclined to buy into it.

On a side note, I'm reading the chart, and according to N4G The Division is "trash" yet is #8 of 20 on the top selling games of 2016.

XiNatsuDragnel2553d ago

Physical over Digital nuff said

Patriot4Life2553d ago

Ok grandpa Dragonel.

You want me to get you your walkman?

XiNatsuDragnel2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Nah man I'm already pwned by my brother over some Pepsi so no thanks.

Bro I don't have a walkman. I have iPad Pro watch this stuff in Magnolia with my bae Lucy Heartfelia.

_-EDMIX-_2553d ago

Yes I agree, but how much of this has to do with mobile?

Gaming is very, very, VERY DIVERSE, I mean..."game market" no longer is just talking about consoles and PC.

I think, like film and television, we need data that is tailored to the exact market, not lumping info from SEVERAL different markets to try to spin an article or agenda, narrative etc.

A televisions show can be a film. A film can be turned into a show etc, a mobile game on the other hand can't be put on console as "AAA", it will need to have an overhaul that is so major that it basically won't be the same game that was on mobile.

So if we understand that film and television have different data to represent certain trends, why is it we are lumping together mobile and console/PC gaming as if its all ONE thing?

If we are going to call the "game market" everything lumped into one, we might as well put film into one thing with "Youtube, web series, Netflix, Hulu, cable, theater" etc.

That data doesn't tell you where blockbuster films is going to go because of the data from web content...

Soooooo why would data regarding mobile content tell us any thing about the future of console and PC content?

Give some data on console gaming, PC gaming, mobile gaming SEPARATE please.

rainslacker2552d ago

Publishers don't want to really reveal that inormation, because it doesn't paint the picture that more people are moving over to digital, and hopefully peer pressure will get everyone on board.

But, reports that go around behind closed doors, tend to be 15-25% of total new game sales(not total revenue across the board),.