5 improvements the Nintendo Switch eShop needs

The Switch eShop is by no means perfect. Here are five fixes we think could go a long way in getting it comparable to other digital storefronts.

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Razzer2499d ago

Needs an appstore. Not just for streaming apps. Switch can double as a full-fledged tablet. Merging console gaming with mobile apps? This thing could take on Apple.

Outlawzz2499d ago

Although it will never compete with apple I do believe they should include AppStore games in their own section. Of course they would need to focus on bringing higher quality AppStore games and not just anything people submit. But i don't see a reason why they shouldn't implement apps other than Nintendo just being Nintendo and looking for their worst interests lol

Razzer2499d ago

Agree. Needs to be a guarded store and not the mess of apps you see other places.

2499d ago
2499d ago
RosweeSon2499d ago

Virtual console would be 👍🏻

C_Ali882498d ago

Yeah Virtual Console should have been ready at launch, instead we got NEO GEO.... Step it up Nintendo!!

RosweeSon2498d ago

Don't think 3ds had it for a few months, it'll be here soon enough, summer me thinks. Or after E3


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