Top 5 Things Gamers Want on the SNES Classic

The NES Classic Edition is dead! Long live the SNES Classic Edition? Could Nintendo be making a follow-up? And what features should it have?

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2pacalypsenow2415d ago

Give me Super Mario World and Power Rangers and Ill be happy.

deathtok2415d ago

Yes to the eShop and forget longer wires, I've heard about this "wireless" technology.

fenome2415d ago

Luckily I've still got my SNES with all my favorite games. Good luck getting one of these before the scalpers try to buy them in bulk before they get yanked off the shelves.


The world could use a little balance - Final Fantasy VI: Replaying a Timeless Classic

"Final Fantasy VI has left one heck of a legacy and it's still thought of as one of the greatest games of all time by many SNES and Final Fantasy fans. It even appeared as the final speedrun in SGDQ 2018 which took roughly seven hours." - Alex Legard from Video Chums

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SuperSonic911901d ago

They don't make games with soul anymore.
It was Final Fantasy Emo Nomura from here on.


Retro fun with Baby Mario - Revisiting Yoshi's Island

"I recently had a great time finishing Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the Super NES Classic Edition so allow me to share my experience with this timeless 2D platformer." - Alex

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Moonman1953d ago

It really is. I think it's a 2D masterpiece: 10.

crazyaejay1953d ago

Agreed. Such happy vibes, too! :D

Einhander19711953d ago

Yes certainly a 2D masterpiece 😀

strayanalog1953d ago

Some things never change. I went back through Yoshi's Island just the end of last year for the umpteenth time and it's still amazing.

PrimeVinister1953d ago

Soundtrack is superb until is ruined by crying baby Mario :-D


Mavericks and mayhem - Mega Man X: A First-Timer's Perspective

"I love classic SNES games and Mega Man X was one such title that I felt compelled to play and I finally did so on the SNES Mini. It doesn't have many action games and the only other 2D shooters are Super Metroid and the controller-throwing Contra III: The Alien Wars." - Alex

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