Review: Full Throttle Remastered Is A Polished Ride In Need Of An Deeper Overhaul | WWG

Full Throttle rumbles back with an HD remake, but could the game still use a tune-up? See if this ride’s for you in our full review.

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Kakyouin638d ago

I honestly don't agree at all with this article. I think the art of this game is top notch even after 20 years. I also think that the game is one of the most memorable games ever. Most of us at that time were in our early 10s or 20s and that game was fantastic. It was about motorcycles and rebels trying to clean up their name. Something that was cool at that time. And it was quite hilarious as well.
Probably Monkey Island and The Dig are a bit better but these are all up there in the top shelf level.

Yohshida638d ago

Sorry, but a 6? The humor and art style alone are PERFECT.