People Are Guessing Xbox Scorpio’s Official Name, And It’s Hilarious

So Microsoft has finally revealed the official specs for it's upcoming console, the Xbox Scorpio. However, Scorpio will not be the official name of the console upon release, it will have something that stands for the Xbox brand.

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indyman77772055d ago

I say number 6 OR NUMBER 16

6 Xbox one PRO (less confusion and easier to compare to the PS4 PRO)
15 Xbox Remastered (nice marketing play)

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XanderZane2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

@Krussail's Troll Adventures.

XBox Infinity
XBox Scorpio
XBox Next
XBox 4K
XBox Extreme
XBox Supreme

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Relientk772056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I like the names Xbox Elite and Xbox Surface, from the list

Edit: or just call it Xbox Scorpio

darthv722056d ago

Or... Super Elite Xbox (S.E.X.)

Magnetar2056d ago

I'm thinking Xbox One Elite. Taking the One out will confuse people even more, making them think its its a completely new console.

LonDonE2056d ago

There is all ready a xbox one elite it's the one I have which comes with a 1tb hybrid ssd hard drive and the elite controller so they can't call it that.

I think Scorpio is fine whatever they call it Iam looking forward to the beast.

StifflerK2056d ago

Personally I'm happy with Scorpio - Elite sounds good but people may get confused between that and the Xbox One Elite bundle.

Apart from that I think X4K sounds alright.

Magnetar2056d ago

I actually think this will be it.

VoodooProject2056d ago

It already exist. Look it up...

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The story is too old to be commented.