Cities: Skylines brings the finest city management to Xbox One

Carlos writes "Cities: Skylines is the cult hit city management sensation that brought the shine back into simulation games back in 2015... and now, it's available on Xbox One."

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Festano2057d ago

Unbelievable how well this translates with a controller!

obidanshinobi2057d ago

My copy should be sat at home waiting for me to finish work.
Can't wait.

2057d ago
iDadio2057d ago

Not sure on how well it has ported as I'm a PC player but this game is amazing and that's from someone who was never really into sim games. It feels like your constantly improving your city with new unlocks and hours just fly by.

opinionated2057d ago

I'm actually hyped for this. First time I'm gonna turn my Xbox on in awhile.

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