‘Runescape’ – The Unlikely Textbook on Basic Macroeconomics

Runescape has a player-run economy and the players do whatever they can to grow their wealth. Initially, this was done by having players trade items and coins directly, but that all changed with the introduction of the Grand Exchange.

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annoyedgamer546d ago

The Grand Echange was such a failure.

KimikoGaming546d ago

It is also the reason why my math skills are strong. I used quite a bit of algebra when planning out my goals in the game.

Gh05t546d ago

Moral of the story, the developers (read government) messing with industries (read picking winners and losers) is bad for new players (read lower class).

This is why I cant play MMO's and other games that are consonantly being "improved" I am the person that will go through the laborious tasks of getting something rare and working my way up to having multiple worth a large value only to have a developer release an update or patch later after I have spent all the time to get them and have them reduced in value or easy to acquire. Happens all the time, and I just dont want to do it anymore. I love games like runescape and other games with player driven markets but the developers are the ones who ruin it for me.