Strategy Informer: The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Interview

Strategy Informer writes: "Strategy Informer was invited to attend the first UK press event for the new expansion to Lord of the Rings Online. Titled, Mines of Moria, this expansion adds whole new regions to the game, as well as two new classes and a ton of other new content. In a special one-on-one interview with Executive Producer, Jeffrey Steefel (and briefly Communications Director, Adam Mersky), we talked about what's in store for the future...

Strategy Informer: The Mines of Moria expansion will be adding a whole new area to the game, but will there be any new content for lower level players?

Jeffrey Steefel : Obviously there are there are two new classes, the Runekeeper and the Warden so new players can play with them from the same starting areas as before. The trait system has been changed slightly – it has evolved and been revised a little bit to support new players. But a lot of the content in Moria is geared towards the 'elder' players because we really do believe that the game we've built is a really compelling experience for new players, so when they come in they'll want to play it the same way everyone else has played it. So we won't be spending too much time on that area of things. We spent a lot of time after the launch of Angmar, tweaking and improving things for the first 30 levels, so we won't need to come back to that for a while."

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