What Can We Expect From The Next ‘Animal Crossing’?

Now that the Switch is a reality, what do we want out of the next entry in the 'Animal Crossing' series?

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The 10th Rider2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Assuming it's on Switch, they need to make it so that people on multiple Switches can play local and online multiplayer. And not like 2-4 people in the same town, you should be able to bring in up to like 12 friends. Obviously graphics, customization, and interface need a boost. On top of that it'd be cool to see some more potential for customization in the town. It'd be cool if they allowed you to change up the terrain, bring in new landscaping, open up construction projects where you choose . . . Sort of similar to features construction/management games such as Zoo Tycoon, except from the Animal Crossing PoV. That sort of thing would be accessible a bit later in the game, of course.