Amazon opens preorders for physical version of Everybody's Golf on PS4

Amazon has opened preorders for the physical version of Everybody’s Golf, revealing the box art.

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itBourne2056d ago

I was so hyped for this, then I watch a preview and am immediately disappointed

TFJWM2056d ago

Why? It seems like every other hot shots to me with more stuff to do

Effects2056d ago

Cant wait to play this. Only complaint I have is that in North America its being called Everybodys Golf, Hot Shots sounds way better and a casual fan of the series who are walking into stores may not know this is actually Hot Shots golf.

derkasan2056d ago

I know what you mean. Maybe they want to do a soft reboot of the series, since it's on a new system and there's different things to do?

Summons752056d ago

Not to mention Hot Shots Golf is 20 years of brand recognition. It's like Final Fantasy suddenly being called something insanely different, or even Call of Duty not being called Call fo Duty.

whitbyfox2056d ago

It's always been called Everybody's Golf in Japan and in Europe, where golf was invented.

XanderZane2056d ago

Yeah, I don't know why they changed the name for North America. It's always been Hot Shots Golf since the PS1. Why change the name now is just crazy.

Knushwood Butt2055d ago

Dunno but they need to do something to give the series more visibility outside if Japan as it's a primary first perty IP but doesn't seem to do very well outside of Japan.

Personally I love it, and platted 6 on the Vita, which was no easy feat.

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yellowgerbil2056d ago

about F'in time. I have been waiting for this since a pic was teased in promos for the ps4 a few months before the system released... I really hope the online is as good as the lobbys on PS3. I loved glitching out of the map while waiting for a game to open up.

Protagonist2056d ago

This has always been such great series. Had/Have it for the PSP, PS VITA and PS3.

execution172056d ago

Wouldn't mind another Hot Shots Tennis