Looking Back At The Best PS Vita Games of 2017 (Thus Far)

"There’s been a ton of awesome PS Vita games thus far in Q1 of 2017. It’s time to highlight some of the best games we’ve played since the beginning of the year, leading up to today." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Miguelitons2416d ago

This list misses one of the best PS Vita games in Q1 2017: Salt and Sanctuary!


Looking Back At the Most Underrated Handheld Systems

Why didn't the PS Vita get more love again?

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darthv72299d ago

Not sure if the Nomad and Express should be on this list. Meaning that while they were portable, they didn't have their own games and instead relied on the same games the console hardware used. Neo Geo pocket, Lynx, Vita... those are dedicated handhelds with their own software library.

If criteria is simply to just allow for handheld gaming then the supaboy should be on there as well.

cthulhucultist299d ago

While that is true, Nomad was an amazing handheld which I greatly enjoyed, and holds a special place in my heart.

I would definitely include it in this list.

I remember connecting it to my tv and playing Vector Man and Comix Zone and I was astounded by the fact that this was a handheld device

TheEnigma313299d ago

The Nomad should have never been made, that big cartridge on the back. Sega was throwing out money. I thought the Lynx was solid. I never knew about the Turbo express though


New PS Vita Browser Exploit Makes Installing Custom Firmware Easier Than Ever

DS: Hacking a PS Vita has never been so easy.

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anubusgold334d ago

Why is this news if sony doesnt want it get out of the way and let modders make games for it. There are people still making games for sega dreamcast and genesis if you abandon something dont be a ahole when someone else tries to support it. Thats like some deadbeat dad coming back after 20 years and yelling at the man that raised him thats my son leave him alone lol.

Eidolon333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I've avoided CFW because I am afraid of being banned and also was unsure how trophies would work with syncing, and then Sony constantly patches these.

luckytrouble333d ago

I installed CFW ages ago, spoofed the firmware number, blocked official updates, and even made purchases from PSN after. Sony really doesn't care what you do with hardware they no longer support.

Eidolon333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Can you sync trophies and all that?

Eidolon333d ago

Come to think of, idk if I care about emulation or homebrew anymore on it. I just want to play vita games.

Sirk7x333d ago

Can confirm, Sony doesn't give a crap lol. As long as you're not hacking trophies, you can legitimately download games and play them online, no problem. I've had mine hacked for years.

Eidolon333d ago

They won't see you have trophies on a digital only game you have not purchased, and ban you?


Sony Quietly Removed the Ability to Transfer Games from PS3 to Vita - PlayStation LifeStyle

Sony removed the ability to transfer games from PS3 to Vita, which unfortunately locks Vita players out of a lot of PS1 classics.

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ZeekQuattro559d ago

Sony really hates the Vita. Years later and they're still finding ways to snub owners of the device.

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Tacoboto559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Sony really hates the players, demonstrated by an onslaught of anti-consumer moves - from PS+ Cloud Save restrictions, enforced DualSense on-console (despite input flexibility on Remote Play), no DLC Support for PS3 PS+ titles, upgrade fees on not just cross-gen titles but also now on their new PS+ service, to things like this.

Only Nintendo out-snubs Sony on treatment of their players.

King_Noctis559d ago

This I have to agree. Nintendo is the worst when it comes to consumer-friendly moves, and now Sony is coming so close.

Auron559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Well atleast nintendo dont dictate/cherry pick what deserves censorship on 3rd party titles.

559d ago
Goozex559d ago

Ya ms has anti consumer moves like drm

persona4chie558d ago

I fully agree that Nintendo cares less about its fans and stuff, but can we look at each company for what they’re doing not others? Yeah I’m irritated at Nintendo for more or less ignoring drift, limited releases like Mario 3D all stars etc, but guess what when I’m mad at Sony for something I’m not going to keep bringing it up, it’s not going to change the fact that I still can’t transfer my ps1 games.

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Wrex369559d ago

Yeah unfortunately they gave it a decent start then just kind of relegated it to the bin. Really great handheld though and in its day was my favorite. Gravity Rush, Persona 4 golden, uncharted, tearaway, freedom unite monster hunter(psn downloaded psp version), and DRAGONS CROWN.. just to name a few.. such a good handheld I'd wish they'd try again man.

shinoff2183559d ago

Only indie devs helped keep it alive sony got some games made for it. Just most aaa devs didnt bother. That was the vitas downfall

darthv72559d ago

It seems like this was included in the most recent PS3 and Vita fw updates. So as long as i dont upgrade my systems... it should still work.

porkChop559d ago

What, why? I don't understand the point of this.

Inverno559d ago

People, jailbreak you Vita.

IanTH559d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure why Sony did this. It's one more thing to push people towards CFW, and then that's basically priming people to pirate. Why would they take away a feature? Why do companies continue to punish the loyal, paying customers? It boggles the mind.

flyinb11558d ago

This definitely pushed me to do it.

GoodGuy09559d ago

Just mod your vita and ps3 lol.

one2thr559d ago

This, Pokémon Inclement Emerald on PSVita🤯