Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Graphics Comparison - Wii U vs. Switch

A detailed look at the visual fidelity of Mario Kart on the Wii U and Switch.

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EddieNX 2049d ago

the jump from 720p to 1080p is rather big and blatent. I dont think Nintendo have bothered with other graphical assets probably due to time. Its still excellent what theyve managed to do

Pearljam2048d ago

Haha you're such a weird kid

2048d ago
MVGeneral2048d ago

Eddie has Stockholm syndrome. He's on the Nintendo defense in every article. He's in so much denial. Everything Nintendo is like holy for this guy. Whatever Nintendo does is amazing and has never been done before.

Just read through his comments. And have a good laugh. Lol.

Anyways, they both look almost identical. Not worth the full price of a game. Nintendo at it again, milking people like Eddie out of their parents hard earned cash.

mikeslemonade2048d ago

Mario Kart is overrated and I'm use to 4k now seeing all these jaggies even on a 5 inch screen hurts my eyes.

EddieNX 2048d ago

Cheers guys , glad ive got a fan club 51 downvotes off a totaly rational comment LOL

JunMei2047d ago

Gods forbid someone love good games and a good console. Anyone who isn't drinking the Sony juice on this site is torn apart. The gaming community has become truly disgusting. No one can just enjoy games anymore, and if something is Nintendo related, then it is immediately regarded as vile. Grow up everyone. Just enjoy the variety different companies have to offer instead of poisoning each other and destroying a community that used have more positive discussion.

Utalkin2me2047d ago


Sorry if you find a objective opinion over what people love, as you say "Drinking the Sony juice". People get offended if it is honestly called out like it is.

As you say anything Nintendo related is regarded as vile. Maybe its how you're perceiving the comments "PC/Liberal". Im totally upset with the direction Nintendo has gone this generation and it upsets me and im going to let me voice be heard, hence the reason for comments and discussion.

Onto Eddie now. He has done nothing but defend every dumb decision Nintendo has made with this new "hybrid console". He will go to great lengths and back track on anything he says to try to defend anything they do. So he should be attacked and questioned and called out on. Be he never provides facts or even remotely back up his opinions.

People dont have to enjoy every company. Some people have standards and some people dont. I hate MS to the core of my body and that will never change after the bad taste they have left in my mouth. They had several chances and never changed. So i moved on and wont look back.

If comments in a discussion bother you, then maybe you're in the wrong place and should move along. Instead of crying about everyone else. How about challenging their opinions, instead of 5 year old name calling.

uhhhhPhrasing2047d ago

@ MVGeneral I haven't owned a Nintendo console personally since the 64, most of my interaction with the gamecube and wii had been at family/friend's homes so I never felt the need to own them personally... Having not played the latest Mario Kart or Smash on Wii U hell yeah I'm going to get them on the switch!

What I don't understand is how this means I'm "milking parents hard earned cash." Where do people come up with this shit? I work for the money I use for video games, like I'm guessing most people here do. The switch is a pretty cool console, especially if you haven't had a Nintendo system in a few generations... When you complain about the cost of the games being too expensive it tells me you can't afford it or you just don't want it, but the fact that you're vocalizing this on a forum to others tells me it's the former.

nX2047d ago

Glad I sold my WiiU and skipped the Switch. There's still nothing out that's worth owning these systems, for everything else there's CEMU.

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Allsystemgamer2048d ago

Wut? A resolution bump is basically typing in a few numbers....

Utalkin2me2047d ago

Its only a resolution bump if you're playing in TV mode anyways. Going by what every Hardcore Nintendo fan, its all about the portability which runs at 720p.

2048d ago
_-EDMIX-_2048d ago

@Eddie- ". I dont think Nintendo have bothered with other graphical assets probably due to time." Wait, WHAT?

No bud, that just makes no sense.

You are saying for Nintendo's rush to get the game out, its better for you to have less improvements?

WOW! I just don't really know what to say about that.

The reality is, the Switch is basically a Wii U portable. I mean, the Switch is barely the Wii U Pro at this point.

C_Ali882048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

No he's saying Nintendo need not put more time, money and effort in a game that is not the Mario Kart for Switch, This is a deluxe version of an already made game..

Tell me that looks SIGNIFICANTLY better? No, just an upgrade in res and saturation. Clearly says the biggest jump is to 60fps and Mario Kart runs a 60 fps..

Put down the haterade.

Bud, So Sony rushed out TLOU with less improvements and that was ok?

Wow, I just can't believe your apparent bias.

The Ps4 was basically a remaster box for the first year or 2, So ps4 is basically just a smaller Ps3?

You're astounding dude.

2048d ago
C_Ali882048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Lol and how good did the pro monicker do for Sony? selling about 4k a week in japan? lol worse than Vita dude.

Maybe Sony should have come out with a Sony Shift instead of pro. Oh and VR need not be mentioned.

I guess the point i'm making is that regardless of your infantile sentiments towards Nintendo theres enough to be worried about with your own console of choice.

Theres a reason Sony won't release pro sales figures and it isn't because its doing well. You should be focused on that instead of a portable system that is having no problems on the market.

And pro got all the GRAFX...... So why is it selling poorly compared to a "Wii U portable" ???

_-EDMIX-_2048d ago

@C_A- buddy I'm not even going to waste a time replying to any of your post your way to argumentative for the sake of trying to argue.

Athos2048d ago

I suppose you wouldnt respond considering everything he said is true and just handed your ass to you in a hat.

MVGeneral2048d ago

You Nintendo fans are so funny. Y'all are so desperate to defend your disappointing brand. It shows your own insecurities about your system, when you're trying to poke holes in other systems as soon as a critique is said about it. It's sad really.

The pro isn't a new system. And it wasn't marketed as a new system. Its and upgrade on the ps4, for the tech enthusiast. Nintendo switch is marketed as a new system. But it's specs are in line with the Wiiu. Lol. The only difference is, that it's portable. They basically have the same games, lol again.
Nintendo is a laughing stock of the gaming industry, the treehousetv of gaming, for children and grandma's. And you guys look like fools, defending it. You aren't convincing anyone here that the switch is great or something. We have eyes and we can see how flawed the switch is and how blinded the lot of you are.

Utalkin2me2047d ago


Its only a resolution bump in TV mode. And the WiiU version was also 60 fps. Youre totally right about the TLOU, it was basically just for people that never played it on the PS3. Just as this is only for people that never played it on the WiiU.

Now that i have addressed those things, im no further replying cause you go in a little 5 year old rant. I will address the Pro thing. It's a option and not a new machine. Most people are not going to upgrade, hence the regular PS4 still selling strong and selling 3:1 over Xbox.

BTW, maybe you should voice your opinion over all the wrong things Nintendo did with this console. And stop defending for 5 seconds. This will personally be the first Nintendo console i will not be purchasing. And its upsetting cause i really do enjoy some of the exclusives they put out. But if they are going to give the finger to the community. Then they deserve all the hate they receive.

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XStation4pio_Pro2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

A) they make their own timelines. also. if a game is running behind schedule, you do whats called a push. to gamer websites that translates to a delay. you don't just release the game as is if uprezzing assets etc was in your budget/timeline but you just decided you ran out of time - the time that you set yourself as a studio. B) a full console generation should be able to do more than just the exact same game at a bit higher resolution. C) I'm not entirely sure you understand how games are built. D) what they've managed to do is get the exact same game to run at a bit higher resolution on a brand new console. I'd hardly say that was excellent.

C_Ali882048d ago

This is NOT a new game, this was not made to be a totally new iteration, this is a stop gap game in order to bridge the time between releases. They literally did what was necessary to make a beautifully made game and get it running better on their new hardware.

What the eff else do you want? This wasn't going from 1080p to 4k, this is 720p-1080p and quite frankly the textures hold up. Maybe could've done some AA but that is a Nintendo design choice.

Utalkin2me2047d ago


Both version run 60 fps, untill you get to 3 player split screen, and it still runs 720p in portable mode. So basically they did much of nothing in that respect.

Dark_Knightmare22048d ago

Man Nintendo could literally shit in your cherrios and you still would come up with a reason why that was the greatest,most innovative idea they could possibly come up with

C_Ali882048d ago

I could shit in your cheerios if thats your thing.

C_Ali882048d ago

I love my Ps4 and Bloodborne and Ds3, Ni oh, I have TLOU Remastered and don't enjoy it but I have NEVER shit on it.

I don't like hypocrites, it actually has very little to do with Nintendo.

Utalkin2me2047d ago


Youre getting extremely worked up over nothing. People are not bashing it cause its a "remastered" version to the Switch. I mean it runs at the same resolution in portable mode and runs at the same framerate as the WiiU version both in portable and docked. I mean the only thing is 1080p mode docked, well other then having 60 fps for 4 players in splitscreen.

Again as i have stated many times, this is great for people that have never played that own a switch. But a slap in the face for people that previously owned it, wanting them to re purchase. At least TLOU doubled the framerate, upped the resolution and added some AA.

XanderZane2048d ago

I can tell the difference, but it's so minor that it doesn't really matter. It's good that they added on the extra DLC and some additional stuff. This game should only be $39.99 though. We've already played it on the Wii U and I have all the DLC. Nintendo is just moving these older Wii U games over so that the Switch can say it have a few more 1st party games to play. I want NEW games; not older 3-5 years ago games. I would rather they did a MK 9.

fathertime44642048d ago

It was 1080p 60fps on Wii u....

conanlifts2048d ago

No it was 720p native, then the wii u console upscaled it to 1080p.

fathertime44642047d ago

Could've sworn it was 1080p native on single player and 720p on multiplayer dude

Utalkin2me2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )


But it is 720p in portable mode. Which is exactly the same as the WiiU version, you know the thing you have been touting the whole time it's been out.

This deluxe edition is only good if someone hasn't played the game at all and has a switch.

"Cheers guys , glad ive got a fan club 51 downvotes off a totaly rational comment LOL"

Are you really this ......Awww nevermind....

gums0072047d ago

EddieNX- Is that you Reggie?!

DarXyde2047d ago

You can definitely see a difference. I agree with Eddie there. Would I double dip for that? Not really, but if enough of my friends get into it, I would.

Maybe it's just me, but when Luigi drives on Toads Harbor, the lighting and road texture look somewhat more detailed on Wii U. I think the improvements will matter more in Switch multiplayer. It's supposed to be 60fps offline in multiplayer, right? That'd be awesome.

Nintendo-or-Nothing2047d ago

@ Eddie

I couldnt agree more. Mario Kart 8 got played to death at this house, we know the game inside and out. The first time I seen footage of the new Mario Kart the crisper resolution immediately stuck out. The game deserves the deluxe title, which means in Nintendo terms that it is the plus version.

I swear to God this website is a magnet for hate. "Negativity for Gamers" that for some reason talk about their 4K TVs and how great their PlayStation Pro is but yet seem to love to flock to Nintendo articles just to down vote, what a freaking joke this place is.

I grew up with Nintendo, it is the last glimpse of the gaming golden age when video games were played for fun and was mostly family-orientated. Why the hell do all these bitter people want to destroy that? Even the music in Nintendo games puts me in a good mood and it's very well orchestrated. It's pure quality plain and simple. Stop trying to compare it to all the satanic crap that fuels the industry these days.

Utalkin2me2046d ago

Sorry you find people being objective about the hobby they love. Just cause someone has a different view or opinion then yours, doesn't mean someone is hating. That would be like me saying you're in a Nintendo slurp fest for the comment you just typed.

You grew up with Nintendo just as i did. But as people grow and get older we have different views and go into different directions just as Nintendo has been doing for the last 3 generations now. My last 2 purchases from Nintendo has really left a sour taste in my mouth. Sure there is a handful of great exclusives to play, but that doesn't counter all the bad. And the gimmicky way they are going and trying to re capture those Wii sells with the casuals. Nintendo has forgotten what Nintendo was built upon and those are gamers and not casuals.

P.S. If this site bothers you so much and offends you, then dont come here.

Nintendo-or-Nothing2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

@ Utalkin2me

Dude, your a p### and every post you write is pure hate and garbage. I have been here for over 10 years and have seen the haters like you destroy this website. You don't like Nintendo right? Then get the hell on bro! Seriously you're a gamer right? Go player Xbox and PS4 and go flock around the game articles that you enjoy. It's the hate that you like to spread isnt it? You're the type that I would love to meet in person.

Utalkin2me2046d ago


Ohh the irony in your comment.

Maybe you should stop posting with emotions it makes you look a little desperate in your wage against war. Im here just as my right to voice my opinion of me hating the direction of Nintendo as much as your right to voice to how great it is. If you're not intelligent enough to battle me in wits and opinions then you should stop posting further to my comments. You dont post with substance and never add anything to the discussion at hand.

I gave you a logical and respected response, you couldn't argue it. So you decided to start name calling and acting like a child.

P.S. You have been registered since January of 2016, thats hardly 10 years. But considering your intellect, thats par for the course.

frostypants2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

The fact that we're even having a discussion about jumping from 720p to 1080p is a sign of how far behind this hardware truly is. Feels like 2012. What's irritating is Nintendo probably could have improved the performance vastly with just $25-$50 more hardware. They picked a really strange price/performance target.

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chrisx2049d ago

No your not blind this is real. Ninty should be doing much more than what's been offered so far

AspiringProGenji2048d ago

Do you blame them? It is not like the Switch is so far away in specs from Wii U. Oh wait they are to blame for that too

Movefasta19932048d ago

even if it's just slighty stronger than the wii u, it's pretty damn impressive for a handheld.Zelda has better interaction and physics in it's world than 90% of the games i have seen this gen.One day i'll pick it,when there are like at least 5 must play games on it...

AspiringProGenji2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Here we go with the BotW physics BS. Far Cry 2 did that already last gen. Any open wolrd can do the same if developers bothered with it. It is not something new

_-EDMIX-_2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

@Move- "better interaction and physics in it's world than 90% of the games i have seen this gen"


Exact Zelda uses Havok, a 3rd party physics engine....

Soooooo 90% of games that will uses physics, will likely simply outsource to a 3rd party and use Zelda.

It just sounds like some of you guys have never really played a lot of games before if you think Havok is something brand new, basically HL2 would blow your mind in this respect.

@AspiringProGenji- Agreed.

C_Ali882048d ago

Which is why its 100% better than the physics in HZD.... Lol Should be ashamed a modern game lacks interactivity in lieu of more particles and polygons.

Imalwaysright2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

@ Ed

From your link: " Havok-based physics system, but the developer decided it needed a chemistry system too. Both would eschew reality for effects that don't emulate reality, but symbolically make sense."

So it's not just Havok tools at work in Zelda. It's the work that Nintendo did mainly in the logic based reaction that each object in the world has through player agency and emergent gameplay design that sets Zelda apart from other games using the tools that Havok provides and Movefasta is right. When it comes to physics and interactivity, Zelda puts any other open world game to shame and if you disagree please provide links to the gameplay videos of those games. I'll be happy to provide links to Zelda's gameplay videos.

AspiringProGenji2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


Ok let's say your point is correct, however AI and enemy animation and physics in Horizon are far superior to Zelda's. Does that mean Nintendo should be ashame of Zelda?

Don't be a fanboy. Both games focused on something different. "Oh you can't burn grass in this game." who the hell cares?

Does Uncharted put any other AAA to shame because of its cinematic gameplay? Dark Souls and Bloodborne have better and more versatile than BotW. Does that put Zelda to shame?

Far cry 2 had way more physics and realism than BotW, and that was last gen. Again, nothing new!

Vegamyster2048d ago


Just because a game uses Havok doesn't mean the physics are impressive or even useful, it's comparing the feel of guns in something like Borderlands, certain games do certain thing better than others. Botw's physics play part in the core gameplay, even speed runners are using it:

Vegamyster2048d ago

Small typo, can't edit.

"it's comparing the feel of guns in something like Battlefield to Borderlands"

Movefasta19932048d ago

Damn!i didn't expect the horizon fanboys to get at me just because I brought up physics. It's understandable tho, the devs took huge shortcuts to achieve horizon's graphics, and yes far cry 2 is another game that has better physics than horizon.

deafdani2048d ago

Enemy AI and animations are better in Horizon than in Zelda, that's true (and combat, while we're at that)... but physics? Lol, no, dude. Zelda absolutely pummels Horizon to the ground when it comes to the physics.

These two comparison videos are actually pretty funny, if you don't take them too seriously and just aknowledge that both games focuses on different things and they're both great for different reasons.

AspiringProGenji2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


I did not bring Horizon to this. I just find it pathetic how the Nintendo fanboys are bragging about game physics now that BotW does it. It is not nothing new. Every open World has had its share of physics and details too. And every open world puts its resources where it truly matters. "OMG I can't burn grass in this game like Zelda." Who the hell cares?

Go ahead and keep trying to put horizon down comparing to any other game's physics. Horizon succeds where it truly matters and does it better than Zelda and many open worlds too: Combat, and graphics are just a bonus. Every game has its strengths.

Teflon022048d ago

Havoc is the engine they used for games like sonic unleashed which was extremely detailed when you speak physics. This is the same engine, if Nintendo built a engine from the floor up like GG it would be a decent argument yes. Also no one denies the better physics. But Zelda's gameplay relies on the physics while Horizon is based of the realism of AI and combat. They both blow the other out in the respective strengths. Zelda's AI isn't even topping 360/ps3 while HZD isn't even close to topping those in physics.
So facts
Havoc is a well known Physics engine
"The Havok physics engine in Carnival Games doesn't just make things look good– it's an essential part of game play. Havok's rigid body dynamics, including collision detection, allow us to build experiences for ..."
These are the first lines from the havoc site while searching havoc engine. That's why Zelda is what it is. Stop with the crap please. It's like gloating that horizon looks better when it has an engine that produces much better graphics and realism.

JunMei2047d ago

OMG! It's a handheld that only a LITTLE more powerful than Wii U!!!! Shame on them for making such an amazing console/handheld hybrid.


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2048d ago
RosweeSon2048d ago

What do you suggest put Bob Hoskins in the Kart and go real life?.

CobraKai2048d ago

That woulda been a fantastic addition to replicate the Mario Kart scene in Super Mario the Movie.

TXIDarkAvenger2048d ago

Almost every other port is the exact same game with literally nothing added but Nintendo gets shit for it while adding a few things lmao.

2048d ago
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corroios2049d ago

Df already told that. But its a perfect ten game. Pump the rez put dlc a new game mode and pay like a new game. But gamers say this amazing.

2048d ago
Neonridr2049d ago

natively it's going from 720p to 1080p. However most consoles will still upscale the game afterwards so the difference isn't super pronounced. Everything will be a little sharper as a result especially at further away distances. But it's not going to set the world on fire or anything just look more polished in the end.

Factoring in the new racers, all the DLC, new battle modes, extra features.. I'd say it's a great overall package. Especially for those who didn't own a Wii U and didn't get a chance to play that version.

Me personally I am double dipping, I want the best version available to me when I play with others.

EddieNX 2049d ago

ive sold my wiiu version and got £20 and its £40 for switch version. No complaints from me

The 10th Rider2048d ago

I'm considering it . . . I could get $30 for the Wii U game and pick up the Switch version for $45. The issue is that I don't have enough Switch controllers for 4-player.

2048d ago
The 10th Rider2048d ago

The big thing other than the resolution bump is the load time improvements. The new version is lightning fast compared to the Wii U version, especially when compared to the Wii U version with the DLC.

MrFisher212048d ago

I modded the raM in my wii u. No load time issues here.

Bronxs152048d ago

super lame. at least when other game get remaster they are hd updates or like in the case of games like uncharted you nathen drake collection or halo you get master chief collection. even other tittles like the orange box includes more games.

nintendo don't offer as much value as competitors anymore if you ask me.

Neonridr2048d ago

so what was The Last of Us when it was remastered on the PS4? Are you saying you get less with this game than you did with that game?

Bronxs152048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

yep, about the same amount of lameness to be honest.

i played last of us on ps3 and didn't want it on ps4. i played (and still play) mk8 on wii u and don't want it on switch either.

edit: although to my original point about value. correct me if i'm wrong but i want to say when last of us remastered came to ps4 it was cheaper than a full blown new ps4 game. mk8 for switch is gonna be full priced. as well i know for a fact last of us remaster got discounted fairly quickly. anyone hoping to get mk delux for switch at a discount enjoy waiting for it to hit players choice in a few years.

-Foxtrot2048d ago

"bu bu but...the Last of Us"

Every god damn time...

C_Ali882048d ago

Yeah because this site ATE IT UP, Yet tries to shit on the same practice from a different company. It will be brought up as long as you continue being a hypocrite.

get it yet?

C_Ali882048d ago


You over here now? Couldn't respond to the other thread huh?