New Lair Scans

Some new Lair scans. Scroll down to Story Images to view the scans.

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THE TRUTH5222d ago

Now just click the story images and enlarge. What you will find out (as I did) is that we know very little about this game!

Did you see that "BOSS" dragon? WOW! This game will have much more than just your standard "dragons", and Factor 5 is really trying to give us gamers something that we have never seen before. Almost like a whole new genre, my excitement for this game is now off the chart!

** on a side-note: just think about games like Heavenly Sword, Naughty Dog's title: BIG, MGS4, GT5 ect. ect. that have been kept quiet and out of the limelight, I'm starting to think that we we just don't know enough about these games to make any logical views! Patients gamers, let's let these great and experienced developers like Factor 5, Hideo Kojima, Square, Naughty Dog, Isonamic, PD (GT5), Capcom (DMC4), Level 5 ect. ect. show us we love games and prove to us that the price of addmission is well worth it!


InMyOpinion5222d ago

+ not only dragons "animals.. completly from other worlds" lol! Sounds like something Kaz would say =)

no_more_heroes5222d ago

interesting... this may indeed be a title to look out for. Still hope it comes with mulitplayer though. This game is just begging for it.

ASTAROTH5222d ago

Thats the word. The TRUTH is rigth. We have to be patience and wait until the good games see the ligth. Im willing to wait just as I waited a whole year to play a killer 360 game. LIAR in my opinion is shaped to be great. I hope the frame rate problems can be fixed. The scale of the game is amazing too. I being a big fan of the Panzer Dragoon games since the Sega Saturn im looking forward to this game. Its a must have for me. My last ride was with PD orta on xbox and I still play it. Also LAIR graphics are some of the most amazing Ive seen so far in the PS3. Too early to tell is the best looking next gen game, but its shaping really REALLY WELL. FANATICS IF U DONT LIKE IT...

DJ5222d ago

I'm pretty much floored by what I'm seeing here. I also just realized that we saw a glimpse of the Mantra enemies in the CES compilation video. This game's starting to look more and more like a painting, and the lighting's extremely realistic.

I remember when Julian first started talking about fighting bosses in this game, I was like "what could they possibly throw at us?". But that serpent dragon is just huge! Shadow of Colossus, eat your heart out. =P

BIadestarX5222d ago

Very nice graphics indeed. "Lair will not support Online play neither multiplayer "offline"" I'm not sure how they could make this game online multiplayer. Let's home the gameplay it's as good as the graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.