McDonald's is giving away 100 MK8 & Switch bundles

Get yourself some french fries or other McDonald's food and have a chance at winning a Switch & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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RosweeSon2164d ago

100 for US... U.K gets 3 😢😩

TheUndertaker852164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Consider this still.

There's fifty states in the United States. A hundred between those fifty states is two per state.

Not justifying three for the U.K. btw. Just saying there's a different way to think about it rather than three versus a hundred.

In contrast also Taco Bell had 3,360 PSVRs to give away then six thousand Gold PS4s. That was just for the United States. There was also a Pizza Hut Xbox One promotion which saw 1,160 prizes. 103 Switches between two countries is paltry.

RosweeSon2164d ago

Haha yeah I appreciate US is on a much bigger scales it's what 500 million? Compared to 70 million ish in U.K but 3 😩 More chance of getting struck by lightning then 😉🤓

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