Game Argus Review: Rock Band 2

Game Argus writes: "Approaching Rock Band 2 is an interesting proposition from a review standpoint. Do you do it as an individual game or as the music platform that Harmonix has touted it to be? Regarding the former, Rock Band 2 doesn't really push anything forward as far as innovation goes, but as for the latter it does just enough to so resulting in a solid, fun upgrade.

The core mechanics of Rock Band 2 have remained largely unchanged since the first one in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mold. Players still assume control of guitar, bass, vocals, or drums and play through the game's "levels", comprised of note charts on varying degrees of difficulty. There have been a couple of tweaks (there are HO/PO's for chords now on guitar) to fine tune things, but for all intents and purposes everything plays exactly as it did before."

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